Okay, here is a link to the devblog itself:  http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=2674

Alright, it looks like Eve was serious about making changes.. and I particularly like that they got all five problem points fingered correctly:

  • Supercapital ships are too hard to kill – A 20% reduction in hitpoints for all Titans and Supercarriers for Shields, Armor, and Hull is a pretty nice chunk.  Not sure if it will be enough in the case of Supercarriers, but it certainly means that there is now risk involved.
  • Supercarriers are far too verstile – Definitely one of the big problems in game at this point.  All Supercarriers now have a smaller drone bay AND can only use Fighters or Fighter-bombers.  I kind of wish that they would make that change to carriers as well, making sub-capitals even more important.
  • The Titan Superweapon is way too powerful – Personally, I never thought the Titan weapon was way too powerful.. just way too useful.  The change they made to it, making it only useable against other capital ships, certainly makes it a much more fair fight.  Still, the Titan’s secondary weapons might still make this ship too effective in fights against sub-caps.
  • Dreadnaught are not good enough – They weren’t, and even after this change still aren’t.  Siege mode was reduced, both in time and in fuel consumption, and damage was increased to counter the complete loss of drones.  Nonetheless, it is a step in the right direction.
  • Sub-capitals useless in fleet fights – Changes to fighters have made them only barely able to hit battleships now.  Their signature resolution has been raised to 400.  This will mean less solid hits.. but they will still be able to hurt the mainstay of most any sub-cap fleet.
  • Logoff Timers – Okay, this is the biggest aspect of this entire blog.  The previous mechanic essentially checked for aggression when you logged off, and then you had 15 minutes before you were safe.  The NEW mechanic, checks every 15 minutes to see if you have player aggression.  If you do, then it extends another 15 minutes.  I can see a  lot of carebear cries in the future..

All in all, this is a big deal, and these changes will have a huge impact in the game.. a huge, POSITIVE impact.