For a while, it has been CCP’s policy to penalize, if/when they bothered to catch them, corporations who “Alliance Hop” to avoid War-decs.  For those that don’t know, “Alliance Hopping” was an exploit where a war-dec’d corporation could join an alliance, then quickly leave that alliance to remove the war-dec.  The war-dec then would revert to the 24 hour cooldown period, but the corporation would then avoid the full week of hostilities.  The corporation or alliance who paid for the war-dec would be out their isk, with no way to get a refund.

This policy was made official back in 2008, when CCP wrote (http://www.eveonline.com/news.asp?a=single&nid=1719&tid=1)

Presently, there is a loophole that some corporations are using to avoid wars that have been declared on them. As soon as a war has been declared on the corporation, they join an alliance and, once admitted, they immediately leave the alliance again. The result is that they are only involved in an active war for 24 hours and not a week as should be the case according to normal war game-play mechanics. Bogus alliances have even been created for the sole purpose of giving corps a way out of wars.

This is an unintended game mechanic and it will be fixed as soon as possible. Until then we are putting a stop to this situation and anyone found abusing this loophole will receive a warning for their trouble. Repeated offenses of this nature may also result in a ban.

Well, this policy was recently reversed: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=19881&find=unread

The logic behind this wasn’t stated because, in essence, there is none.  Non-consensual PVP is an important factor to making this game a great game.  Knowing that whatever you do has risks, makes playing this game more inviting.  I’m pretty sure that GM Karidor didn’t consult with the CSM on this because most of the CSM would have beaten him senseless over how stupid this change is.

As much as I just hate (and I really do hate this..) to bring up something bad against CCP when they are doing so well making serious, and intelligent, game changes (thank you CCP Tallest.. glad you aren’t listening to the Super pilots’ QQ!), but this has to be made mention of.  I have no idea where, especially anyone who has actually played Eve in a variety of ways, could ever look at this and say, “Ya know, this is a good idea!”  Because the only people who think this is a good idea are carebears who don’t want to interact with the rest of the Eve universe.. the exact people YOU REALLY DON’T WANT IN AN MMO.  The non-consentual PVP is a big, giant aspect to the very personality of Eve Online, and you allowed this to be removed.. at a wave of a hand?

I have to ask this directly to GM Karidor.  How in the world did you think this was even remotely a good idea?  Did you consider how this could increase high-sec botting?  Did you make this change without thinking how future war-dec changes could be affected?  Why did you think non-consentual PVP is bad?  How does it feel to back away from one of the very founding principles of Eve Online (Remember one of the major aspects in Eve?  You know, the “No space is 100% safe” aspect?)  I have to ask, in all seriousness, do you even play this game?  And if you do, have you really done anything other than carebearing for any length of time?