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For the first time in about four years of playing Eve Online, I am in a position where I can really take a step back, look at Eve Online and really think about what I want to do next.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still taking a few weeks off and just running missions when I choose to, or run incursions.  I still need the time off to get the love of the game back into my veins (it’s there, and CCP is doing a good job of wooing me).

But, sometimes, you really gotta wonder that maybe.. just.. just maybe, there might be some other aspects of Eve that you maybe never thought about doing.  So, right now I am pondering a few things:

  • Going Industrial – I think for a lot of people, the building of stuff is a deep primal desire.  So, even though I have few industrial skills (I can build frigates.. and industrials and can fly an Orca), I think I might have a fairly plausible business plan.
  • Going Insider Trading – Currently I am boosting both my Leadership and my Trading skills.  My business plan might work just as well (or even better) once I get my trading skills up to a certain point.
  • Going Mining – Arg.. ARRRGGG!!  No, I didn’t say it.. no, it just.. it just came out like popping a big zit.  Yeah, just throwing it out there as an option.  Probably not going to seriously look at it.  Course.. there is the fact that Ice products are up..
  • Going Faction Warfare – Being part of CVA, in one way or another, has made me despise tinfoilwizardhattery.  Nevertheless, I think CCP is going to be looking at this very soon as they try to get back on good terms with their playerbase.  Plus, I think it would give me the opportunity to spend more time in my beloved Wolf.
  • Going Pirate – This is a tough one.  Because their are “pirates” who just drop into any old belt and off whatever sucker is there, and then there are pirates, who systematically harass entire regions and even 0.0.
  • Other – Eve in a big game.. and I don’t know of all the careers that have appeared over the years… so suggestions are welcomed.