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The weapon system was a strange combination of high damage mixed with short range, mixed with armor tanking ships (Until the Rokh, many of the Hybrid Caldari ships were pretty useless.  Some would argue they still are.).  Not exactly a great idea.. but it was fairly workable because in the beginning the Gallente Hybrids had some good advantages:

  1. Both Amarr and Minmatar sucked worse.
  2. 90% Webs.
  3. Megathron

But with the boosts to Amarr and Minmatar, coupled with the speed nerf which dropped the speed of all ships, MWD modules, and Webs.. this put Gallente pilots in a difficult position as their best ships weren’t able to get in close enough to really do that damage they were meant to do.

But today, a change has been announced: http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=3012

First off, the vast majority of weapons are getting CPU and Powergrid reductions.  CPU is going to be dropped in this manner:

  • XL Turrets: -5 CPU
  • L Turrets: -3 CPU
  • M Turrets: -2 CPU
  • S Turrets: -1 CPU

Also, powergrid requirements for the hybrids will now be reduced by 12%.  This is a major bonus for Cruiser to Battleship class ships.

In addition, Blasters are getting a massive tracking bonus which means they supplant ACs as the fastest tracking weapon system in the game.  Railguns have been given a 10% damage modifier.  I think the Railgun change was necessary, however, but I am still up in the air about the Blaster change as I think it might step too much on the toes of Autocannons.  Even though ACs have a bit better falloff range, that falloff range is reduced overall damage on target.  With this change, Blasters will be able to not only to fire faster and do more damage, but also to track their targets better than Autocannons.  This will be a particular problem for Minmatar’s fast ships because now Hybrids will be able to track better than the guns on the fast ship.  This difference might be negated by ship bonuses… but we’ll have to see how it plays out in actual combat.

Quite a few Gallente ships, along with a couple Caldari ships, are getting some movement bonuses as well.  The ship changes cover everything from frigate to battleships almost equally, with most ships getting a +10 to velocity, while a few only get +5 to their velocity.  In addition, several ships also get a small modifier, about 5%, to their agility.

This devblog also mentions changes to Tech 2 ammo.  Though the changes cross all races, it should be especially sweet to Caldari and Minmatar pilots as missiles and Hail ammo specifically are being targetting for improvement.

With these changes, along with the new Tier 3 BCs.. makes me wish I didn’t spec out for Leadership…