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Alright, now that I  know for sure that Hybrids are being boosted and that the Tier 3 Battlecruisers appear to be awesome, this puts me in a bit of a quandry.

Currently I have both Battlecruiser V and Command Ships V, along with Amarr Cruiser V, Minmatar Cruiser V, Caldari Cruiser V, and Gallente Cruiser IV.  We should also include that I have Projectiles full trained, Up to Medium Lasers trained to T2, Torpedoes Trained to T2, and will have Hybrid small turrets trained to T2 in about a week.  I am also in a strange position in regards to battleship skills.  Minmatar battleship is skilled up to V, but Amarr is only III, and Caldari is just at level I.

So, right now, I am planning on getting my hybrids up to Medium T2, then getting Gallente Cruiser V before flipping a coin and choosing between trying to get Amarr Large Lasers or Hybrids to T2 first.  But, some of you are Gallente pilots and maybe you can give me a good idea whether or not my plan is a good idea.. or you could suggest a better one as well.

Side note:  Right now, I am spec’d out for learning leadership skills (was working on Wing Command IV, and have all 5 secondary leadership skills trained to III), just letting you know if you think that it might be better to work on these more.