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.. not by distributing them better, but by making them more valuable?

Feature Teams video blog:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dInM9k3tTSw

Now, the little tidbit that I am referring to starts at the 2:56 to 3:02.  It is a mere six second comment and I want you to think about the statement for a little bit. Previously the last known dev comment regarding this on the forums was here: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=219364#post219364

So, two things can be paraphrased from CCP Zulus comment:

1.  The value (or isk payout) for all anomalies are going to be improved.

2.  The distribution of said anomalies weren’t going to change.

With those two thoughts distilled from the six second comment, I see that the intent is to enhance a possible conflict driver.  To me, this poses a problem.  The current distribution of “top line” anomalies is already in line with regions that have technium moons.  Those moons are  already the main source of null-sec conflict as they produce billions of isk for those alliances and coalitions that have them.  This change will certainly add isk to the wallets of everyday pilots, but the question is, will it give the pilots in those non-ideal areas enough isk to make invasion worthwhile?

At first, this change seems like an end-around gambit by Mittens.  Anomaly changes like this would allow alliances like Goonswarm to sit pretty in Deklein space, with all their people seeing higher returns from running anomalies.  Certainly such a change like this in null-sec would make many owners of moon goo regions breathe a sigh of relief, because people will be less likely to care if the leadership is skimming a bit off of the top for himself.. so long as they are making good isk too.  But I am wondering if this changes affects all anomalies, even those in high-sec.  I kind of doubt that this change will mean very much as far as high-sec goes, and I doubt that this will make low-sec worth populating again on its own.

But, if they were disproportionately raised in favor of high-sec and low-sec space, then it might allow low-sec and high-sec corporations to start eyeing null-sec space and this might cause more diverse groups of players to start taking up small chunks of null-sec space, perhaps giving them the opportunity to grow enough to challenge the bigger coalitions with their…

hmm… we’ll have to wait on that.