Everyone knows what “meta” is in the Eve Universe.  Most pilots can even recite two well known mantras of the “metas”:

  • ‘Malkuth’ launchers always have the lowest CPU cost
  • Some Meta 4 modules have stats equal to Tech 2 (Meta 5) modules with less fitting costs.

But, as many long time veterans know, there are no hard “meta” rules.  For example: Meta 1 Launchers, Hybrids, and Projectile weapons all have the lowest CPU costs.  However, on Laser Weapons, it’s the meta 2 modules that use the lowest CPU.  Another example:  A select few module classes have what could be termed as “meta sub-0” versions.  Often, many of the “meta sub-0” versions have  little, often no difference, between themselves.

So, I have made a quest for myself to catalog all the meta items in the game (i.e. objects with more than just 1 version) and to eventually use my data, that I manhandled into a spreadsheet, to find out from CCP (my partner at Eve Stratics, Vince, is quite good at getting interviews) why it seems there is such as disparidy between even basic module concepts and interpetation.

Have other folks tried to do this?   Most likely.  Are there people who have gathered this information together already?  Yes (EFT, EveHQ, etc).  So, why go through all the effort?  Well, oddly enough I think it is important for me to do this on my own to see the patterns, make little theories about how certain modules were percieved, etc so that when I talk with CCP I can say, point of fact, this is a general view supported by these discoveries, and this is a specific view because of this and that.

On a side note, once my humongous spreadsheet is complete, I will post it here for any who would like to see/use it.