So, it turns out that since World of Darkness is on the cooler at the moment, some of the Devs there who were also Eve players decided to helpout on Crucible.

Here’s the Devblog: http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=3108

The following sentence from CCP Anthelios stopped me in my tracks: “The last thing I’ll mention here is the ability to rearrange targeted items to your liking. Now you logistics minded pilots can group all of the bad guys together for ‘shooties’ and good guys together for ‘reppies’ regardless of the order they were targeted in.”  Being a capable logistics pilot myself, I really didn’t have much trouble.. plus, aside from a killmail gun, who arms their logis?  However, I do see a big bonus here for DPS pilots who may be either assisting with Cap transfers or doing RR fleets.

Then, of course, CCP Space Cadet hammers another home run with this: “I updated the Orbit & Keep-At-Range buttons to save their settings per ship-type.  So, your favorite battleship can orbit at 40km, and with the same button, your favorite interceptor will orbit at 3km.  I also updated the right click sub-menu for Keep-At-Range to have more sensible options, matching the Orbit options.”  Yeah, this is sweet.  Maybe not a big deal in PVP combat, but it is pretty nice for PVE and such.

CCP Booster finally came out and told us the dirty little secret that, ahem, everyone already knows about.  Still, it is kinda funny that it took a World of Darkness guy to figure out how nice a “Loot All” button would be.

Rounding off the group is CCP Soulblighter, bringing a lot of goodies to the table:  Ability to unrent offices remotely, Cloaked ships unable to stop complexes from de-spawning, oh.. and your alliance’s jumpbridges displaying on your solar system map (That last bit might piss off some industry corps who were hiding their 0.0 jumpbridges from everyone else in their alliance..).  Two additionally awesome things:  First, if you’ve forgotten your drones, you know you warped off.. or got warped off, but are still in the same ship (wonderful edit:  Turns out you don’t need to have remained in the same system, just the same ship), then you can now use the Reconnect to Lost Drones command, though I’m not sure if you still have to be on grid or if they will warp to you.  The second point, is a good one… well, a brilliant one.  If you suddenly disconnect from the game (i.e. Eve crashes while you are watching Youtube, or.. um.. something else, or if your brother decides to press the pretty red button on your power strip), then any drones that are active will attempt to get back to the drone bay before you warp off.  Might not get them all, but now you might not lose them all either.

And extra kudos for showing where your bombs will go off on your tactical overlay..  very nice.

Well done, Team Papercuts…