So, do you dance?

Really.  Is it a little happy dance you do while your backside is firmly glued to the seat lest someone see you and make fun of you (despite the fact that no one is in the house, much less your room)?  Or do you still do an insanely violent, scream out loud dance that makes onlookers wonder if you’ve just won a million dollars.. or need to be tasered NOW.

And what makes that happen?  Is it spontaneous, like you found a faction spawn or is it somewhat planned, like when you managed to pull off a really good scam?  Or perhaps it’s not in game at all, perhaps no matter what you are doing the background music just charges your mojo (For me, it’s any music that sounds like the beat came from a motorcycle) and your are compelled to dance.

So, what makes you dance.. does anything in Eve make you Dance?