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Industrial Pull or “The Lure of Crafting”

Alright, I bet there are a lot of POS owners, particularly faction POS owners, who are breathing a sigh of relief this morning.  CCP has decided to change the fuel block production and consumption by a factor of 10.  So, instead of 4 fuel blocks being created, the number is now 40: http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=3143  This has allowed CCP to give Faction towers a boost to their fuel consumption rates (10% for Tier 1 and 20% for Tier 2).

I have to admit, with the changes going on for POS stations.. I kinda want to try my hand at a bit of industry.  Though, I do wish the industry system in Eve was a little more customizable.  What I mean is I would like to see something similar to what Star Wars Galaxies had for their industry.  Each item took so much of “X”, “Y”, and “Z”- class ore.  However, there were lots of types of ore that could pass for “X” or “Y” or “Z”.  And even those types varied in quality.  Plus, mining locations changed every week or so while you could keep your manufacturing in one location, you were forced to move the actual mining operations often.

The result was that you could vary the ultimate quality, even change some minor aspects, of whatever you made.  You wanted a gun that had good damage, well you would use this particular “X” class ore.  Wanted to mass produce weapons, with little care for quality?  Then you went after the cheapest XYZ class ores and built guns that decayed quickly.  It was also really good in that the maker of the item was listed in the properties, so you got to find out who was good and who wasn’t.. if you cared.  I’m not really sure how this could be incorporated.. but it would certainly add another dimension to the fairly boring and overly repetative task of building items in Eve.

Tier 1 Battlecruiser Love?

While most folks are clearly entralled with the new Tier 3 battlecruisers, myself included, I am wondering if CCP is aware of how much this has so overshadowed the Tier 1 Battlecruisers, some of which really weren’t viable even after the release of the Tier 2 battlecruisers.  After Crucible, Tier 3 will be the new Heavy DPS BCs, with Tier 2 Battlecruisers fulfilling their role as true multipurpose ships.  Tier 1 BCs, woefully outclassed in both damage and defense, need a new role.  Here are some options I’ve played with:

  • Support Hat – My thought on this was that you could change the configuration of each Tier 1 Battlecruiser so it would be a bit more friendly for ganglinks.  However, I really don’t like this idea because most new Tier 1 Battlecruiser pilots are going to be quite new to Eve.. and ganglinks requires a ton of Leadership skills that most new players won’t be getting for a long time.
  • Logistics Hat – This.. might be useful.  The Tier 1 cruisers that get passed off as “Logistics” ships really don’t do anything of the sort and even CCP recognized this because they gave them Mining bonuses as well.  So, having a Battlecruiser that has the ability to a partially good job (Not nearly as good as Tier 2 Logistics ships), while still able to lend some DPS to a fight, might add an interesting dimension to the game.
  • E-War Hat – This I think might be a reasonable option for everyone but the Caldari.  Still, it might be nice to see a “defendable” lower Tier E-War ship on the field with better range and defenses than their Tier 1 Cruiser counterpart.
  • Mining Hat – This lasted in my head for about half a sec, before logic and the realities of Eve made it disappear into non-existance.
  • Scout Hat – This option I think is pretty interesting.  Reduce the tank a little, increase the speed, agility, and capacitor size as well as give it a CPU bonus to Expanded Probe launchers and probe down times as well as an increased Cargo bay.  Overall DPS would be about the same as the top end Tier 1 cruiser of each class.

Overall, I really like the Logistics and Scout ideas, but so far the gleam from the new Tier 3 has left little time for discussion about what to do with these classics.  I hope CCP address them soon.. I would like to have a use for my Cyclone, something other than ship spinning.