Orakkus and Kaili spent the next few hours, in the capsuleer apartment, looking at all the junk information downloaded from Kaili’s ship.  And while the command centers on Orakkus’ ships and Kaili’s Ashimmu were certainly better for this type of work, neither trusted the other enough to get onboard.  What bits and pieces of data there was simply wasn’t enough to start an operation.  The only luck they did have was that the few Blood Raider prisoners that were kept would be located on a ship. Even in a culture as dark and evil as the Blood Raiders, some prisoners were better left alive.

Kaili was not much help either.  While she did have a reputation for being a successful commander, her abrasive personality won her few friends.  Orakkus doubted any Raider that actually knew her would even give her a glass of water.  Orakkus began to review the transfer lists that he got from Kaili’s ship, strangely named “Bolted Hammer”, and began looking for any link to Teil.

While prisoner transfers were located in the logs, none indicated any prisoner matching Teil’s last known features.  The rest of the transfer lists showed everything the moved on and off station for the last six to eight standard months.  Everything from illicit, but legal, holoreels to industrial waste showed up on those lists.  It wasn’t long before Orakkus had a headache, and Kaili was hungry.  They both agreed that a break would be a good thing at this moment. 

Orakkus didn’t particularly like dining alone, so he offered to take his visitor, still a mortal enemy, to dinner on the station.  The walk to the capsuleer resturant turned out to be much slower than he expected.  Kaili wasn’t a capsuleer and Blood Raider stations didn’t have the luxury of even the more minor industrial stations found in Empire space.  As such, he was constantly having to pull her along while she looked in amazement at various off-world plants, entertainment centers, and extravegant people that were just milling around.

They finally reached the resturant, their table pre-reserved automatically.  The location was themed, of course, to some little known Gallente world that enjoyed a very tropical environment.  A nearly naked waitress arrived and keyed up the table menus.  “Good Morning, Mr. Orakkus.  Glad you could stop by.  Will you be having your usual?”  Kaili looked up at the waitress to see if there was any primal longing or expectation from the waitress’ eyes as she took Orakkus’ order.  But she was disappointed.  Orakkus was just another customer to her.  Kaili looked at the menu, and tried her best to determine what anything actually was.. much less if it was edible.

Orakkus snickered to himself and said, “How about I order.”

“Fine.” Kaili said, turning off the menu with a quick smile of disqust, despite being glad he had offered.

“Okay, I’ll have the Prime Rib, salt cooked, medium-rare, along with the side of Ishy.  Bring me a mug of the dark too.  The lady..”, Orakkus had to stifle a laugh, “.. the lady will have the same thing, only make it very rare.  She likes it fresh.”  If looks could kill, Orakkus would have been dead by now.

The waitress, however, was confused.  “Sir, um, we do offer that level of.. freshness, if you so desire.”

A big grin crossed Orakkus’ face, but Kaili was quick enough to say, “No, rare will be fine.”

Kaili opted not to talk, which suited Orakkus just fine.  In the corner was a large screen vid showing the latest Mindclash results from Caldari Prime.  And while Kaili wasn’t ugly, their past together made it difficult to socialize with her in any way.  He saw in her the enemy he loathes, despises, and fears.  And he took comfort in the fact that she felt the same way about him.

Midway through the meal, Kaili broke the silence, “Well, I must say.. you have certainly moved up in the world.  The food here is delicious, certainly better than the meals we get issued.”

A thought struck Orakkus, “What did you say?”

Kaili, a person who controlled the life and death of hundreds, was certainly not happy about repeating herself.  “I said, the food here is delicious, certainly better.. than… the.. meals..”.  She wasn’t able to finish her sentence before the same thought came to her as well.

At the same time, both of them said, “Food!”  With that, they got up quickly and bolted toward the exit with Orakkus telling the waitress to charge it to his capsule ID.  When they got back into the room, Kaili looked up the compliment of all Blood Raider ship types in the fleet, while Orakkus filtered the transfer lists based on food rations.  They plied ship after ship, list after list.  But they did finally find it.

The ship, a Prophecy class battlecruiser, appeared to show up at three seperate stations inside Blood Raider space at purely random times to take on supplies and new prisoners.  However, there was no account of any prisoners being transferred off at any of the locations.  The amount of food and water taken in by this ship was easily triple the amount necessary for a typical battlecruiser crew, and due to the nation’s small size, only one ship fit the bill.

Both Orakkus and Kaili knew that this could be a long shot.  However, the name of the ship gave them some hope.  It was named simply, “Punishment”.