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So, Day two of the Crucible Expansion and I am getting myself familiar again with PI costs and expenses.

Now, I run a pretty light five planet operation making P2 Materials: Coolant and Construction Blocks.  It’s been turning me a solid 5 million isk a day, which isn’t bad for a high-sec operation.  Still, since I am getting better and more efficient at organizing my PI.. I have to wonder about what low-sec is looking like right now.  I imagine that all Plasma and Lava planets that are anywhere close to high-sec have already been snagged up.

The next interesting dynamic is probably already getting started.  That of advertising.

Yes, advertising.  You see, if I put a 100mil isk structure up that I can tax people off of, I darn well want people to use it or else my little investment is a 100mil isk waste.  In fact, to be quite honest, I am rather surprised about that.  I would think it would be good for some of the more organized pirate gangs, low-sec corps to market their PI planets.

I have looked on quite a few blogs and on the Eve forums, but so far, not a single word about advertising.

How.. interesting…