Well, it’s official.  I am now a proud member of The Fancy Hats Corporation.  The Fancy Hats are run by a former m3 Corp member, Corelin, who took pity on the fact that I was in a newb corp for well over a month (though, that was intentional while real life was working itself out).  His website is here: http://madhaberdashers.wordpress.com/ .  So far, I’ve been on two OPs:  One previously mentioned where we were taking down an Interbus CO to install a new one, and one where we got to chase down a few WH visitors (no kills on that one, however).  I will have to say,  it is nice to be able to hang with people during my timezone.  It is also nice to have goals again.  However, I will have to relearn how to translate spoken Aussie…

Probably the big thing on the horizon is still my “Meta” project.  There are some changes I need to make that have happened with the Crucible expansion, so that will add some time.. and may also muck up the situation because I really think that Tech 2 has made the Meta system overall a bit outdated.  There should be concrete reasons why you want to use a Meta 3 over a Meta 4, I think.  But.. as much as I like that Theory, it still needs a bit of pondering before I can make a real case for it.

So, what is the next big thing to think on?

  1. POCOs and Pirates – One of the big things that I and some others were concerned about was Customs Office stability and access.  I think this is still being hashed out, but I believe my own concerns were unfounded.  You see, I thought this could either be a real opportunity for some “tit for tat” style aggression, which really keeps things very unstable.  However, with the POCOs hitpoints being roughly 15 million, it essentially has brought the joy of POS bashing into Low-sec.  Yeah, a pirate gang MAY do it.. however, they aren’t going to be rewarded with anything.. cept maybe a killmail.  The other fear has been that some big null-sec alliance was going to take over all the COs in low-sec.  While that is a very real possibility, I don’t think even Goons are the mascostic.  Plus, having to defend even a few POCOs will probably cause a considerable amount of gamer fatigue, which will eventually lower fleet participation.  We’ll have to see though..
  2. The Russian Juggernaught.. is over?  According to Eve News 24 (http://www.evenews24.com/2011/12/05/developing-story-solar-fleet-resets-legion-of-xdeathx/) it is.  Shadow of xDeathx and Solar Fleet have set each other red.  If this is true, then this puts an interesting switch on things.  First, who is going to be the first to snag Pandemic Legion?  Second, with the new supercap and jumpbridge changes, how will this affect their ability to project power?  Third, how got what when the supercaps were divided?  Hmm.. looks like AAA, formerly on the ropes, might be itching to take advantage of the situation.  Goonswarm, of course, will probably just sit in the corner waiting to see the results.
  3. Taxes, Taxes, and Taxes – So many tears and similar complaints were heard from the Carebear squads that it completely disproves the theory that they can’t agree enough to bring their own candidate or two into the CSM.  The complaints were about the higher taxes and how badly this will affect their bottom line.  As a PI person myself, I had to look into this.  It is true that taxes are up, and somewhat scary if you take it for just that.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that, not only were my P2 products selling at a higher rate.. but so was my newly overproduced P0 products.  Despite having to pay roughly 1.5 million in taxes each day, my current output allows for almost 8mil isk in profit as well!
  4. Faction Warfare – The new-ness of Crucible has not yet subsided and there are still a couple more updates yet to be had (like Time Dilation), but already there seems to be an overwhelming ground level push to have Faction Warfare updated and improved.  Considering that the update splash screen had “Faction Warfare” as one of the items updated right until the day before Crucible was released, I think it is fair to say that changes (hopefully massive changes), are in store.
  5. Battlecruiser Love – Yes, you’ve been flying them, and they are out.  But, that haven’t been used very much yet, particularly against capital fleets of any size.  How soon, oh, how soon will we get to see if these new toys help whittle down the overabundance of supercaps?

That’s it for now.  Keep yourselves informed, and fighting.