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“Jesus is Dead” is the title of Trebor’s new blog, referring to an attitude that CCP consistantly had in regards to new “features”.  Those “features” were ones that would create a tremendous amount of new subscribers for pretty much little comparitive effort.  Other anologies include the “Hail Mary Pass”, the home run, the defining Seinfeld episode.. etc, etc.  It does highlight a very critical change in CCP’s thinking, as well as a better understanding as to why they always kept leaving recently features half done.

But, today where are talking about the other posts that Trebor has done, and that is the Daily Summaries.

Day One – https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=43700&find=unread.  So little is said because they can’t project past the NDA.. but at least we can get an idea of what CCP thinks is important right now.  It also tells us a bit of what the CSM is going to focus on as well.

Future of the CSM:  Surprisingly little has been said, but I can’t imagine that any negative viewpoints would be aired just yet about the CSM..  even if there were any.

Customer Loyalty: This could be interesting, especially to us veteran players.  Probably means more gifts and toys for us folks who have been in the game a year or more.

Economy and Plex:  Trebor says things are going well and that we’ll see lots of pretty graphs.  Hopefully, we’ll hear some good facts on how RMT and botting are being handled.

Security: I imagine this is dealing more with logins and accounts, but also might be dealing with RMT and botting too.  Little was said, and we’re probably not going to hear a lot either way.

Day Two – https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=44200&find=unread.  Day two appeared to have more game related “meat” to it and will definately have topics we look forward to hearing more about.

Nullsec:  Not surprising that this is being addressed early on.  Personally I’m not a fan of destructible stations simply because it doesn’t promote developing your own backyard.  I do like the reasoning and there are far too many stations (think Providence) in nullsec.  However, unless there is some way for the “casual” Eve player to not have to worry about losing everything because he had to be gone for two weeks, I don’t think it will fly very far.  The other two subjects mentioned, the changes to Drone Loot and to Moons are certainly of importance to all players.  Drone Loot combined with botting has been considered responsible for the glut of minerals in the market, keeping prices down and becoming too difficult for starting miners to make any isk at all.  Moons, on the other hand, have been the big causes of both conflict and wealth disporportion.  It is here that you will find out if the CSM is really going to help the game.. or help themselves.

Little things – FW/Wormholes:  From Trebor’s information, it is clear that CCP hasn’t focused on either of these yet.  Not sure what in Wormhole space needs to be fixed, but Faction Warfare needs a serious overhaul.. and that isn’t a little thing.  I think this may be a point where those in Faction Warfare and those interested in Faction Warfare will probably be given a bone or two, but little else.

Game Balance: Apparently more on ship balance, which will forever be CCP’s bane.  Electronic Attack Ships and Supercaps being discussed seperately.  It is good to see that EAS ships are being addressed specifically as it would be very nice for them to have role worth putting in fleet.  The evolution of supercaps.. well, I’m of the mind that they still need another role, outside of direct combat.

Future High Level Discussion: Dust <-> Eve is clearly still going to happen.  I imagine this probably has to deal with when/if Incarna will ever be re-Incarnated.. (see what I did there..)

Crimewatch: So far, this is the only serious Low-sec discussion, and how criminal aggression and countdowns have been figured certainly have been a confusing issue.  They said they really liked the new issue and I’d certainly like to see a Devblog on this sooner rather than later.

Day Three – https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=44596&find=unread.  This appears to be the day where they discuss all the “accessory” stuff.

Web Cell: More information and tools.  Let’s be clear, the only tool that anyone seriously wanted was the ability to change skills.  Another would be a web-based EFT-like fitting tool that you wouldn’t have to install.

New Player Experience: Same ole, same ole.  In other words, how do we get WoW and BF3 players hooked into Eve, without running home crying because they lost everything.. and it didn’t magically come back..

Art: After what these guys did in Crucible, just green light everything they do.. seriously.

UI:  Until they talk about completely customizable UIs, then this discussion is pretty moot.  No matter how cool it looks, no matter how awesome it sounds.. if I can’t import a theme that I like.. it just isn’t that cool.

All in all it sounds like we will get to see some pretty interesting devblogs.. and hopefully the minutes won’t get tangled up in the NDA again either.  The downside though was that low-sec really wasn’t discussed as its own entity like Null-sec, and low-sec just has so much potential to add to the game.  Maybe CSM7 will be able to bring low-sec into the success that CSM 6 has been able to develop.