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It has always fascinated me how the lore of Eve makes such a big deal of the turmoil, prejudice, and outright hatred that the four nations have toward one another, yet if I, as a former child slave of the Brutor tribe, want to work for the Amarr Navy, well, they’ll sign me right up!  In fact, there is little practical difference between having four nations who absolutely despise each other and four nations trying to outdo each other singing “Kumbiya” at the local church social (not sure if that is a commentary on church socials…).  All in all, it is somewhat disappointing that there isn’t more of a dark, racist pull between the nations.  Really, given the nature of the national groups, only the Gallente would have anything like “politicial correctness”.  The other three nations would have shot it dead long before it came knocking.

So, why is this missing?

Other games have it.  Everquest had it.  Star Wars Galaxies (RIP) had it.  WoW has it.  So, why not the only true sandbox game?  The great conflict between CVA and Ursha’khan provided some form of this and Faction Warfare, broken as it is, also provides some moderate territorial discussions that sometimes brings in RP.  But, by in large, there is no indicator of any racism in the game dealing with the four factions.  To be fair, racism really isn’t the word we are looking for, probably more like culturalism.. the belief that the culture you were born in is superior to all other cultures, despite whatever flaws it may have.  But, as it is in real life, it SHOULD be a factor in our sandbox world.  Things like that affect our actions, and affect our outcomes.

Let’s take for example the comment I made earlier, as a Minmatar, it should be neigh-impossible for me to do work for the Amarr Navy, and it should be only possible if I REALLY, REALLY work at it by being a trustworthy.. traitor.  The same should be said about the relationship between the Gallente and the Caldari.  But even amoung friends.. there is that thought that the world you were born in is better than your “friend’s”.  That is what a real aspect of a virtual sandbox would be.  I’m Minmatar and I’m better than Amarr because… and I ought to have some darn good.. and especially personal reasons.

But the question is.. how do you make a flaw real enough that it benefits the game?