Pretty much the only thing I did in Eve these past couple weeks is..


and started Large Lasers V too.

So now, Orakkus can fly all T2 Cruisers and Battlecruiser hulls… though I still need to work out my Heavy Dictor.

That being said, the rest of my free time, aside from keeping the wife happy and the kids moderately happy, was spent playing Star Wars The Old Republic and watching Jersey Shore.  Sad to say, it was hard not to notice the difference between the “having to play” feeling I get when I play Eve Online, verses the “wanting to play” addiction that is currently pushing SWTOR.  Anyone who says that SWTOR is a bad or poorly written game has no idea what they are talking about.  Bioware did a great job in many aspects to make a really fun game.  I spent the last week plowing through missions (btw, every mission is voice acted.. EVERY, SINGLE, ONE) and while there was some repeition, it was well disquised under a somewhat personal plot that you felt very involved in.


That last sentence is probably the real problem for me right now with Eve Online.  It is for most MMOs too.  And don’t get me wrong, Bioware got off VERY easily using the most popular Sci-Fi genre that ever existed.  But why would anyone want to continue playing a game.. an MMO of all things.. if they don’t feel connected somehow.  I’ll be honest, the only thing that connects me to Eve Online is the community.  It is far more fun to write about the problems, the tactics, the setups, the fittings in Eve Online, than it is to play the game much of the time.  It is the reason I still play.

And as far as “player-made” lore.. well, that only goes so far.  True, I felt connected to Eve the most during our time protecting CVA from it’s enemies -A- and Ursha’khan.  Back when Aralis had constructed an empire under the old Sov rules (whoever had the most POSes in a system, owned the system).  Aralis and CVA had taken a lowly region and through NRDS policy, made it into both a pirate and PVPer’s paradise.  I was in Paxton Federation at the time and we were the first line of defense.. just a few jumps away from HED-GP, a major pathway from high-sec space to null-sec, and a major -A- system.  While I didn’t go for the ‘wizardhattery” that was being pushed, it did feel like I was there for a reason.  If I didn’t log on, I couldn’t be with guys who were my buds, defending a place we called home, and maybe allowing other folks the chance to get a leg into 0.0 space.  It did mean something, because there was always traffic, good and bad, and we had plenty of PVP nearby.

After the fall of Providence 1.0, the reasons for hanging in game slowly faded away.  We tried other null-sec alliances and locations.. but it really didn’t feel like were were doing anything noteworthy.  Particularly if you spend 3 hours waiting for a fleet to form, 2 hours flying to the far off location.. only to turn around because either the threat had already finished what it came there to do, or their spy in your fleet gave them the heads up and they left before you arrived.  Soon enough, even my beloved m3 Corp faded into the night.

What will cause that to change…