The much heralded “Star Wars: The Old Republic” came out last week ending years of fan faire with a product that many players have deemed quite good.  Having played the game myself since its release, I will have to agree that Bioware did a great job in making the game.That isn’t to say it isn’t without it’s bugs.  My copy seemed to enjoy crashing every few hours.. or if my son’s Sith character tried to group, it would suddenly crash.  But, stuff like that you do expect.  However, Bioware just got an important lesson on Quality Control as it released today’s Patch..

Make sure you do enough of it.

Apparently, and I experienced this myself, the Launcher has trouble trying to figure out what to do after the patch is installed.  In fact, my players had to re-install 11 GB (yes, that is a “G”) of the game’s “main assets”, multiple times before they got let in.. and there continued to be FPS problems and bugs with Companion conversations after that as well.  The forums got clobbered a bit as people started to return home from work to play the game.  Considering that Bioware is fairly new to the MMO world, I could imagine that this wasn’t something they were expecting.

Of course, the response of many has been, “I cancel sub if youz no get me game or money.. no, both!”  Maybe it’s just me, but the Eve Player in me wants to just reach out, grab them by the throat and say, “BOY!  You don’t know nothing about bugs, BOY!  Take those sissy diapers off that your momma dresses you with and put on some man pants and SHUT THE F*** UP!  If you don’t STFU, I will drag your sorry behind to a real game.. and you will find out what it is like to be A**raped by a spreadsheet BOY!  You think your little girly Sith Warrior is tough?  You wouldn’t survive one day in Jita and you would be ganked so fast you wouldn’t even have left the station before it happened.  Now go back home and cry on your George Lucas pillow like a little girl before I spank your backside with a Titan.”

Anyone at Bioware is free to use the above quote to respond to posters.