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Launching an MMO can be tricky.

However, it is almost never a good idea to blame the customers’ computers if you have a fair sized portion of your new customer base having the exact same problem.. one that was started by your own corrupted files.

Over the past four days, with the addition of the 1.0.2 series of patches, many SW:TOR are starting to remember the days of early Sony, where common themes as “Working as intended” became code words for “too lazy or inept to do the job right.”  As quite a few Eve players know, it can be a real pain when a company says things are improving.. yet you can see both on the forums and on your own PC that major problems have become more pronounced, and solutions much more elusive.

Currently I am having trouble, along with what appears to be hundreds of other players, with BioWare’s launcher.  The launcher appears to be crashing on some corrupt Asset files, notably 26 and 27, depending on who you talk to.  BioWare, thus far, has pretty much said, well.. we goofed up in the beginning by dropping a corrupted Main Asset file on some of our download servers.. but we fixed that so if you are still having a problem its all your fault.

Well.. considering that I completely deleted my Asset folder, among quite a few other attempts (most of which involved downloading parts of a 11GB datafile.. repeatedly), I find that I STILL can’t get into the game.  Falconevo, a regular non-Bioware user, has uploaded a working Asset 27 for players who can at least get past the Asset 26.. but for those of us stuck with problems with Asset 26, we are still waiting on Bioware to even acknowledge that they have a problem.

I may not be long for the Star Wars: The Old Republic if this keeps up.  But I will make sure to keep blogging about it.