The Campaign for CSM 7 is upon us.

Because it is always interesting to see how the Candidates move and operate, I have set up a page where I plan to link interesting information about various candidates, such as threads they’ve commented on, interviews,  or blogs that they run.  So, if you are planning on trying for a seat on the CSM, I’ll put a link to your stuff here on my webpage.

Now, onto the rules, My Unofficial Ones…

Rule #1:  Thou shalt not be clueless.  If you are going to run for CSM, please have the decency to know what the CSM can do, and in particular, what it can’t do.  Maybe the new guys to the game may think you can cause all of null-sec to be converted into high-sec space.. but the fact of the matter is you’re going to need the votes of those who have been in the game a long, long time.  And if they figure out that you have no idea what you can or can’t do, they aren’t going to send you to Iceland.

Rule #2: Thou shall speak to the peoples, legibly.  Have interviews, speak with good grammar(*see comment), and know what you are talking about.  However, most importantly, know what your opponents are talking about.  Things to avoid: l33t sp3ak and “i no like punctuashon & spel chek to hrd 4 me 2 us capit0l leaters bad 2”.  In the words of Samuel L Jackson: “English Motherf***er!  Do you speak it?!”  Russian works too.

Rule #3:  Thou shall have a blog.  Yes.  Blogs are FREE.  Get that.. FREE.  Say it with me.. FREE.  There is no excuse for a CSM candidate not to have a site up detailing their positions.  If an interviewer wants to discuss your case for CSM.. you are going to need something for him to pull from.

After seeing the chaos of 50+ CSM Candidates, the majority of which forgot that they were running after announcing that they were running,  and the fact that the vote comparison tool wasn’t all that useful in giving detailed viewpoints of individual candidates positions (in some cases, it was detrimental), it would behoove the candidates to follow the above rules to give them a better shot at reaching the people they want to reach.