Ah, I miss the sound of those guns...

Today I will take possession of a ship that has seen quite a bit of combat at my hands.  The Naglfar Dreadnaught named, “Tax Collector”.  It was a ship purchased by m3 Corp back in the day when we as a corporation were trying to get into 0.0, and back then, the best way to do that was to have a capital fleet.  Let me say that again.  It was purchased back when the best way to get into a 0.0 alliance was to have a “CAPITAL” ship fleet.. not a supercapital ship fleet.  I used it nearly exclusively because I was the only Naglfar pilot in the corp for a very long time.

The “Tax Collector” managed to survive the CVA/UK war, the downfall of IRC, the fall of the NC, and the CVA/Ev0ke/NC. Conflict.  It lived through CCP’s constant changing, where it went from being a somewhat useful Dread to be a near worthless Dread back to being an awesome Dread then to being about average.  The vertical lines, the roar of its massive guns, the wonder about what the AC version might do..

The ship almost has too much history behind it..