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Nope, I ain’t endorsing anyone.  I’m not saying that my endorsement would be worth more than a hill of beans, as it most likely isn’t.  I am saying, however, that I find endorsing any particular candidate is fraught with some very difficult problems.. and to be honest, it is a no-win scenario.  I fall back on some life lessons I’ve learned in that respect:

  • I have seen good plans be formed and end up successful because of solid team.
  • I have also seen good plans die in a raging fire because of one bad member, and in particular, inept management.
  • I have seen bad plans laughed at, and the one who proposed it properly ostracised.
  • I have also seen bad plans turn successful because of a very smart leader.
  • I have seen plans that I thought were horrible become exactly as bad as I thought they would be.
  • I have also seen plans that I thought were horrible, turn out to be the correct solution.
  • I have seen plans that I thought were great become staples of a successful organization
  • I have also seen plans that I thought were great, turn out to be utter fail.

And finally..

  • There are always unintended consequences.

In other words, I have seen too much in my life to assume that I know all the angles.  Therefore, while I may give commentary and opinion about what I think about a particular path, or a particular result or viewpoint, it isn’t my place to tell you who is going to be successful.

New, New, NEW!!

First, let’s start this off with the blog regarding New Player Experience.. i.e., Rookie Ships: http://community.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=3435.  This blog follows on the heels of another NPE blog: http://community.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=3421, indicating that CCP’s focus will be making a game that is more fun at the beginning, while not making it any easier or any simplier, though I suspect we will see changes against things that are needlessly complicated. 

Anyways, back to the Rookie Ships:

The Ibis got a major overhaul, which indicates that future Caldari redesigns will mean more symmetric designs.  However, I can say this is a win as the previous Ibis was god-awful ugly.

There is no doubt that this ship is a vast, VAST improvement over the old Ibis which.. well, looked like a piece of space trash.  This is radicially, and wonderfully different.

The next on the line up is the Minmatar Reaper.  I personally am liking the recent changes done to the Minmatar line that make them less fragile looking.  Ships like the Reaper, the old Scythe, the Tempest, the Bellicose, and a few others look too fragile to be space combat ships (I mean, who doesn’t think about how easy it would be to shoot off the command section of the Tempest..).  The new Reaper looks more compact and concise, while still looking like they had to bolt the ship together from spare parts.

The third on the list didn’t get much of a makeover, but that is perfectly fine as it did get its lines a little nicer.  The Gallente Velator stopped looking like a sickly and limp shuttle into something a little more impressive.

The ship looks good overall, and it is interesting to see how they indicate the missile system hardpoint, maybe we might see missile systems like we see turrets soon?

The final ship listed on the blog was the Impairor, from the Amarr Empire.  To be honest, I still don’t know what they changed.  Maybe someone can point it out?  Maybe the engines are a little different?

But, I think the most important thing is the video CCP sent out:

Did you see them?  Ship skins!  Wootz!  Okay, now that could be a cool thing to do.  Have like the option to have a single personal ship skin, then maybe a corporate one, and even an single alliance one as well.

Oh, that an get corporate logos on there.  That is way more important than alliance logos in my opinion.

And finally.. Tattoos.

So, here is the latest and greatest devblog: http://community.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=3430, which kind of struck me as odd because statements like this:

The purpose of all this prototyping is to make sure we provide a strong vision for avatar gameplay, have a good demonstrable idea of why it is engaging and better understand the technology we will need to create in order to make it a reality.


we’re not going to wait until it’s all perfect and the interior of every ship, station, structure and city in the entire EVE Universe has been modeled, but rather when we have a feature that is its own functional ecosystem of gameplay then hooks into the greater ecosystem of EVE as a whole, and it provides good replayability.


It means you won’t get it as early, but what you will get will be more ready. But it won’t be “done” in the sense that we’re done with it, because with any online game, it’s never really done. When you first ship it, that’s when you begin, and then follows the conversation with you, the players, on how we can improve and iterate on it.

Seem almost like pre-Crucible thinking.  To me this says, ” We’re going to work on something, test it, make it completely reliable.. then release it to the playerbase for them to tell us if it will work or not.”  The fact that they are playing with Tattoos.. right now.. is probably the biggest indicator that perhaps they aren’t focusing where they need to be.  Tattoos are only great if others can see them.  And right now, there is no way for others to see them.  Ahem, hint, hint..