There are a lot of things Eve players want.

But there are some things that, ya know, we are rather surprised that Eve doesn’t have.  Today though, I want to talk about Ship Skins and Ship logos.

I am personally surprised that customizable ship skins haven’t made their way into Eve yet.  In fact, it kinda seems rather silly that a game totally about making your own decisions.. doesn’t allow you any choice in ship colors.  The funny thing is, the more I ponder this.. the more I think that this is a serious issue.  It may not be as serious as overabundance of supercapitals in 0.0 fleets, but it is something that individually we desire because we all have that individual spark. 

Eve really doesn’t have a way of showing that and it is a downer to see that your particular ship looks like everyone else’s particular ship.  This should not be!  Look at how beautiful the art department rendered the universe we fly in!  Surely, it really isn’t that hard to have a simple palette of color to which we can beautify our ship?

Ah, but how about we do one better?  How about we tie those options to longevity and exploration of the game?  Perhaps this is a way we could see this:

All ships will have four color attributes:

  • Main Color (256 colors)
  • Secondary Color (256 colors)
  • Window Color (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
  • Logo (Corporate or Alliance)

For New Players inside their trial period, these choices aren’t available.  Once you reach a certain number of skillpoints, say for example, 3 million skillpoints (or approximately three months worth) the palette opens up for you to design your own personal color scheme, but you can only keep one.  And once you select it, you cannot change it unless you pay a very high isk price (100 to 200 mil isk).  If you are in a NPC corporation, the Logo automatically defaults to that of the NPC Corp that you are in.  After a year, and every year thereafter, you get to have another color scheme.  Each year, CCP will present a single pattern that can be applied to any ship.. but it will only be available as a redeemable gift to active accounts from CCP.. never to be repeated.  The gift will be given only to those who had been active the entire year prior.

Corporations and Alliances will have an additional two choices available to them as well, however, those designs are set up on a permissions basis, and may be restricted to certain members.  If you are part of an Alliance or a player Corporation, you will have the option of choosing either the Corporate logo or the Alliance logo.

You Should Be Able to Choose already…

 Just think of how much more individual it will be…

Any Ship… it is prophetic.

Ask yourself: “Would the Red Baron really have been so individually feared if no one knew the color of his plane, or the insignia he flew under?”  Maybe it’s time for us to be able to express at least some individuality to the outside world.. especially if we aren’t in the mood to talk.