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So, I was reading Seleene’s blog today on “Fighting for Industry” located here: http://seleenes-sandbox.blogspot.com/2012/02/fighting-for-industry.html, in which Seleene indicated the following:

When it comes to how I would like to see CCP use their resources in the near future, the top three things I would like to see happen are:

1.) Fix / Finish null sec sov

2.) Improve Factional Warfare and life in low-sec

3.) A full blown industrial expansion

This seemed oddly familiar to me.. as it was similar to my own viewpoint on how CCP should focus their own resources (for my own self promotion, click here: https://2ndanomalyfromtheleft.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/csm-7-occupy-everywhere-my-view-on-where-csm-7-and-ccp-should-focus/ )

Needless to say, since Seleene delved deeply into a particular secret interest of mine (i.e. industry), I decided to read through the entire article and all the comments.  However, before I go on, I am not advocating any particular candidate.  I like Mittens “Farm and Fields” mandate, I like several of Hans’ viewpoints, also the wardec ideas from Aleks are pretty intriguing as well.  Still, I felt that this blog post was a bit different from the norm as it was the first time I had seen someone go indepth into what industry options they really wanted on the table.  Also, of just as much interest, was the comments made by one of the commenters, Mara Rinn.

Seleene’s points that I was intrigued with:

  • Give Industry a Full, Dedicated Expansion – “More importantly, I don’t want CCP touching #3 until they can literally put a full expansion’s worth of resources into it. It is not an easy task as everything in EVE springs from the way we mine, build and trade. I don’t want them rushing it.”  – To be fair, Seleene puts this as a third priority, like I did.  However, if we are going to go for a full-on expansion, then it should be at least priority No. 2.. and it may even be worthy of supplanting fixing null-sec because a truly major change like this will re-arrange null-sec on its own.
  • Resource changes– As stated by Seleene, these are ideas put forth from others for years.  Some sound great to me, others not so much.
    • New, dead regions of space waiting to be built-up / exploited – (Do we really need more space?)
    • Region-specific resources – (Possibly not a bad idea.. especially if there were some variables introduced that made sure that one ore wasn’t the “uber” trit ore, etc.)
    • Dynamic resource allocation – (I’ll have to review this, because I’m not sure what exactly he is intending)
    • Improved mining / Comet mining / planetary ring mining, etc… as a caveat to this, I’d like to see mining become something that requires player interaction to some extent so bots are taken out of the equation as much as possible. – (Yeah, I particularly like the idea of going to a completely non-static mining format, where resource location and amounts are changing on a daily basis and that those locations must be searched for, not just automatically bookmarked).
    • New probing / scanning mechanics – (The new probing dynamics aren’t bad.. but they do need a tweak.. and perhaps it should be done in conjuction with changes in cloaking)
    • Finite resources of rare resources (moon goo) – (I do like this idea.  Very much so.  However, something like this would, in my mind, require a massive change to how POS’es operate and are deployed).
    • Massive scale construction (stargates, etc…) – (I have to admit.. not sure why this important.  We still haven’t gotten Titans or Supercarriers fully figured out yet.  Shoot there are too many stations in the Eve Universe as it is).
  • Changes to Mining Specifically– Here are Seleene’s thoughts specifically on mining, some of which I am hoping he’ll clarify:
    • I’d like to see bigger rocks. – (I could see this as this would allow for more high-sec players to mine closer to hubs).
    • I’d like to see rocks with variable mineral content. – (Eh, maybe.  I don’t see how this makes Eve better.. though it would make it harder for bots to be profitable)
    • I’d like to see rocks with multiple layers / densities. (zomg, what if there is Kernite, Omber and morphite in the center?!”) – (I see he likes jawbreakers..)
    • I’d like to see finite resources of things like moon goo have a % chance to be in a rock. – (This is a good idea, but not sure how it would play with finite moon goo without it being detrimental overall).
    • I’d like to see skills affect the amounts / types of minerals you could extract from a rock. – (Yeah, I could see the benefits of this in that instead of mining every mineral, you have the option of getting a better percentage of a certain one).
    • I’d like to see planetary ring mining. – (So long as its not static, I’ll be in favor).
    • I’d like to see comet mining. – (See above)
    • I’d like to mine / hollow out a giant asteroid and make a home there to live out of. – (Eh.)
    • I’d like to see a variance in the ‘purity’ of minerals that are mined where some veldspar is worth more. – (This is either focusing industry more towards the old SWG, which I favor, or this makes something already in the game more complicated).
    • I’d like to see that same Veldspar refined into Tritanium that gives a ship 10% more hit points due to it’s pure qualities… – (So, more towards the old SWG model.. that would be good.. but only if the builder can put their name on it).
    • … IF you had the proper skills to use the proper blueprint that allowed you to take advantage of the improved alloys. – (I like this idea too.  However, I wonder what that could mean for ship balance.)

Thoughts by Mara Rinn:

Now, as I said, it wasn’t just Seleene’s thoughts that were drawing my attention to this particular blog.  It was also Mara Rinn’s ideas, which I also found pretty neat overall, though I didn’t agree with them completely(yes, I am that old).

  • Logistics is too easy – “Logistics is too easy in all areas of the game. Everyone goes to Jita because everyone can go to Jita. Even people on the opposite side of the galaxy go to Jita: they just haul stuff in hisec using a freighter alt, then jump it out in a JF or carrier.  Why do system star gates let through infinite freighters per hour? They aren’t smaller than region gates due to distances involved. What if there was an order of magnitude difference in throughput possible between different sized gates? What if you could anchor a SBU-type item on grid to enhance or degrade the throughput of that gate (from either side)?” – (Overall, I do understand this complaint, and I tend to think it is too easy to get JF full of stuff out into null-sec.. but I’m not so sure if the problem stems from the difficulty in setting up manufacturing in null-sec, as well as establishing supply trains inside your own community).
  • Change High-sec Stati0ns – “What if NPC station refineries in hisec sucked? What if mining corporations had better refineries than navies (why does Caldari Navy have better quality refineries than Deep Core Mining)? What if POS refineries worked faster and took character skills and implants into account? Push button, receive refined product. What if NPC station refineries (and outpost refineries) had time delays too? Start the job now, come back in X minutes based on how much stuff you pushed into the hopper. What if all refineries had limited throughput? Thus your attempt to refine a few hundred units of Veldspar might take a day in Jita, but be almost instant in that Minmatar Mining Corporation facility in Aldilur.” – (If the changes mentioned here to NPC stations also were applied to high-sec POSes, then this development alone would probably fix the issue of logistics.  There are a lot of good points here in this small paragraph that the CSM and CCP should definately consider).
  • PI Changes – “What if PI schematics worked just the same as blueprints? This would open the door for ME/PE and the associated increase in embodied value, and the risk of losing that value when some Dust Bunny blows up your factory. There is also the scope for LP stores to sell limited run schematics for things like (for example) Serpentis Dress Skirt.” – (I like the thinking here).
  • META for Everyone – “What if players could use invention to produce the meta 1-4 BPCs based on NPC-dropped data cores and special “tags” – kinda like sleeper industry. This would shut off a source of minerals competing with mining.  What if drones dropped sleeper-like products that could be used to manufacture or invent drone-related goodies like modules, implants and rigs that impact drone DPS, tracking, range, velocity, control distance, etc? Again, addressing the drone-based mineral source by replacing it with an alternative industry stream.” – (I like it, but I don’t see how this will work considering how only Meta 4 items are the only items that keep some of the relevance in game).
  • Other thoughts– “As for comet/planetary ring/special environment mining: these are places that grav sites could be spawned. Thus an “average Kernite deposit” might appear in a planetary ring, while a “technetium rich ice structure” might appear at a comet site. The presence of the comet would imply valuable stuff, so there would certainly be competition.””An industry expansion might also include specialist non-combat ships and deployables such as “deadspace projectors” which act similarly to a warp bubble: they drop ships out of warp at extreme range, but don’t disrupt warp, and have a much larger radius of effect. Or a StarCraft “Arbiter” style ship which can reduce the sig radius of all objects on the grid (thus increasing the difficulty that other players will have in probing that site down). Current warfare links will reduce sig radius of ships in fleet (evasive manoeuvres), but not all objects on grid (i.e.: the site you probed down): Mining Foreman Link – Deadspace Enhancement?” – (The first paragraph seem to work in conjuction with some of Seleene’s idea mentioned earlier, and I like them because they make mining about as non-static as you can get without really changing any of the current game mechanics.  I’m not such a big fan of the Bubble-lite or the Sig reducing Arbiter as I think cloaked ships are more of a problem than just being scanned down).

Well, these were some interesting ideas that I felt should be brought up and thought about for your upcoming voting pleasure.  Right now the focus does seem to be on Low-sec and that is a good thing, but industry and mining do need to have their day in the sun too.