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Currently our alliance, a 572 man low-sec PVP alliance, is working on settling our new home.

And it is slow going.  I know Fancy Hats (I’m thinking of making a new catchphrase: “How do you fancy my hat.. now?”  I think that would work.. if I start doing better in fights..) has begun doing some housecleaning in regards to getting our numbers more in line with our active membership as well as getting us square with all of our necessary evil type stuff.

Alliance-wise, I took a painful Rapier Loss, but that is to be expected when messing with local PVP.  I kinda thought their fleet was a bit heavy for our forces, which was made up of BCs and T2 Recons, while their forces were Battleships, T3s, and an Onerios too.  Looking at the numbers, yeah, we should have done better.  But, those are the breaks so Props to VETO and Rote Kapelle for winning.  Overall though, killboard activity is improving with more small gangs being available and FC coordination become a new topic of discussion.

The only other news appears to be the slow.. well, very slow migration of members into the area, and the alliance leadership is taking things rather slow as I suspect they have a lot going on.  A massive influx of people and corps, plus a recent move into low-sec.. and into populated faction warfare territory.  Personally, I wouldn’t mind the alliance doing an membership audit, as well as putting more effort into making a relatively safe pipeline to high-sec.  The location is actually quite good if our alliance chooses to establish a serious minor trade hub as Egmar is centrally located between three popular low-sec routes and areas of activity.

Anyways, I’ll be checking PI options as well as doing some research into modules that I can trade for.. and perhaps make a nice profit to PVP with.