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Let me preface this:

  • I voted for Hans.
  • I hate Goons.
  • Not sure if I care too much about The Mittani on a personal level.

However, after reading all the blogs, and his replies and responses, I have to lend my support to the Mittani.  Why?  Three reasons:

  1. His apology was, I think, pretty sincere.  He replaced the isk and then some, he made a public, very personal apology that wasn’t the crappy Rush Limbaugh type of apology we get to see more and more of each day.
  2. Being human myself, I’ve made my share of mistakes.. and I had to eat some serious crow.  I also personally believe that there isn’t a person out there who hasn’t said something of this nature to friends.. especially corp and alliance mates in Eve.
  3. Someone actually took the effort and contacted the guy the Mittani was talking about.  His responses clearly indicate he didn’t think it was that big of a deal.  In point of fact, you can read what Liang discovered here: http://liangnuren.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/the-mittani-hero/

After reading quite a bit of all the information, it’s just another day in Eve.  CCP and the rest of the non-Eve gaming community are completely going overboard.  CCP, I can understand since this could become a PR issue.. but the rest of the non-Eve wankers need to settle the **** down, and get back to playing their Happy Kitty MMOs or whatever they’re called.