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So, due to my desire to be more mobile, I had planned to purchase a nice, lovely Charon.

Now, while I don’t particularly think that the Charon is a very pretty ship, having one in my employ would certainly improve my ability to move large fleets of ships and equipment from one region to another.  This, of course, is a great idea.  It would certainly be more useful than my fearsome Naglfar class Dreadnaught “Tax Collector” and while a good carrier is always nice, my Nidhoggur class ship, the “Fallout’s Revenge”, has only been able to do one thing in the past six months and that was make a jump from one low-sec system to another low-sec system.

Then.. I looked at the price.  1.1 Billion Isk.  My wallet was going to need some help especially since my purchase of “Tax Collector” was still quite recent.  Not a problem.

Well.. the prices went up to 1.2 Billion Isk.  Not a problem

Then the prices went up to 1.3 billion isk.  Err.. yeah, not a problem.

The price shortly went up to 1.4 billion isk as of Friday morning.  K, no worries.. I’ll just mission run some more.. Everybody loves my RF EMP L ammo that I sell in great quantities.

Friday Afternoon; 1.6 billion isk.  Price for RF EMP L ammo where I was selling.. dropped from 1296 isk per round to 1150 isk per round (at the time, it was lower than Jita) and no one was buying RF EMP L ammo.  The 200,000 rounds of my bread and butter still untouched as of Monday morning because someone dropped nearly 700k of that ammo and is collapsing the Dodixie EMP L market.


So, between my mission running, module selling, and purchasing of ammo for resale, I actually LOST ground in my attempt to purchase a Charon.  At this rate, it would be quicker to retrain for the Freighter that I want (the sexy Providence) and just wait out for a good deal.

Boy, that Hulk is starting to look real good…