Here a partial list of patch notes (the full list can be found here), showing the more interesting things being pushed out:


  • Titans can now lock a maximum of three targets.
  • XL turrets have had their signature resolution set to 2000m.
  • Capital Turrets that are fitted to titans now have a new damage-scaling attribute; targets with a signature radius smaller than this size will take reduced damage from these turrets. This does not apply to dreadnaughts.
  • Siege modules have had their tracking penalty removed.

A lot of Titan nerfin’ going on here, and I like it because CCP isn’t in any hurry to deal with the real problem of out-of-control production.  These ships will still dominate the null-sec sov conflicts far too easily.  Though, on the plus side, they are making Dreadnaughts more and more useful.


  • Vanguard and Assault Sites have been revamped with the following changes:
    • NPCs have been grouped into waves and groups have been randomized; this will prevent blitzing and increase the random element within the sites.
    • Spawn triggers moved from individual NPCs to the group as a whole.
    • Lowered the rewards from Vanguard sites by 10%.
    • For more information see this blog.

I knew this was coming, but its still a pretty significant change.  However, these incursion sites will still dominate in isk profitability.. particularly with the notes that came next:


  • All common Rogue Drones will no longer drop alloys and will instead have bounties in line with other NPCs.
  • Meta 0 modules in NPC loot tables have been replaced with Metal Scraps.
  • The brackets of spawn containers (for hacking containers in mini profession sites) are now being grayed out after being viewed to make it easier to know which containers are not hacked yet.
  • NPC’s will always aggress you when you warp into their aggression range.

There was a lot of talk about the changing of loot tables and their percentage drop rate.  However, that second line, “Meta 0 modules in NPC loot tables have been replaced with.. metal scraps.”, certainly puts that to rest.  This could be a boon to newer pilots and pilots new to industry because now they will be responsible for producing Meta 0 items in large bulk quantities.  This will invaribly lead to more POSes being established, which in turn will mean a price increase of PI goods.. which will mean that more low-sec systems will probably be commandeered by alliances with both PVP and industrial ties to those areas.  PI probably will be “moon goo”-lite.

Market & Contracts

  • A lot of modules have been added to the market that previously could only be found in Contracts. Mostly these are officer, deadspace, faction and storyline modules. Note that this only means that players can now buy and sell them between themselves.
  • Modules are sorted on the market by decreasing metalevel. So when you scroll down you should see increasingly more awesome modules.

Hurray!  Finally more stuff on open market!  Hurray!  Modules sorted by meta level now!  Hurray!!  This will definately lower the price of these goods over the long term, which means that they are more likely to show up on various *ahem* hulkageddon targets..


  • The security status of systems in Etherium Reach, Malpais, Oasa, Outer Passage, Perrigen Falls, The Kalvela Expanse and the Spire has been adjusted upwards to bring them more into line with the rest of nullsec.

I must have missed the devblog talking about this (and if someone knows it, please link it).. though I remember they were planning on doing some fixes based on CCP Greyscale’s impressions (hint, hint..)  So, if the security status is being adjusted upwards.. I’m thinking that the residents are going to be none to happy when they log in today and find that they don’t have the anomolies they were hoping for anymore…

The rest of the blog didn’t have anything that seemed to interesting.  Necessary, for sure, not not interesting.  Well, except for: “The ‘Micro Shield Transporter’ sound effect will now cycle without an abrupt stop.”  So.. who uses a Micro Shield Transporter?  Really?