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So, two more hulks fell to my guns…


– and –


Course, aside from my Catalyst sacrifices, I tried to take down another Hulk in Ylandoki.. only to lose a Thorax for the attempt..


Yeah.. very embarrassing.  However, there is one interesting piece of information that I have derived from this.  The other pilot has almost exactly the same skills as I do.. except that he has small blaster specialization at V, while I only have it at IV.  Notice the significant damage difference.  Looks like I need to train out some specializations.

In other news, I found that buying a Freighter may not have been the boon I had wished it to be.  Yeah, that 0.75 au/s is a big factor.  Normal battleships travel at 3.0 AU/s.  That means that in the same time it takes for my freighter to transport two battleships from one point to another point, I could have flown both of them individually and been back ready to pick up another ship.

Aside from that, I just found out that I have managed to collect no less than nine Tempest-class battleships over the several years of playing Eve Online.  I don’t have that many of any other ship.. including shuttles.

Apparently, I LOVE me some Tempests..

Here are the names of my Tempests:

Zulu Master
Tribal Dirge
Song of the Violent

Of course, in today’s modern battlefield they don’t have much use.. unfortunately.