The Chase Bank card commercial runs through my mind every time I say phrase.

Bloody Vikings…

Well, I tend to collect ships.. and despite being so-so in PVP, I seem to have the ability to keep the vast majority of my ships nice and safe.  Some of those ships, seem to have the ability to stay safe for long enough periods of time to have some history attached to them.  So here is my list:

  • 1x Nidhoggur Carrier- “Fallout’s Revenge”: I have flown this ship off and on for the better part of two years and I have used this to save various POSes and for general transport through low-sec and the old Northern Coalition.  It was named after I heard that Bethsada Software was going to finally bring out Fallout 3.
  • 1x Naglfar Dreadnaught – “Tax Collector”: The first Capital ship I owned and the first Capital ship I flew.  This ship is ancient for me.. I think this was purchased for use back when m3 Corp was still living out in Essence space.
  • 1x Orca – A ship I should have trained for long ago.  Incredibly useful.
  • 1x Mastadon – T2 Heavy Hauler.. I like to use this for longer distance jobs that don’t need a carrier or Orca.
  • 1x Mammoth – T1 Hauler, all rigged up.  This ship was with me when were doing mining operations out of Droselary.
  • 1x Wreathe – T1 light Hauler.  Got it for giggles
  • 1x Prowler – T2 Blockade Runner – Very nice ship to have for getting good in and out of low and null-sec.
  • 2x Noctis – Salvage ship.  Not so useful now that Meta 0 stuff no longer drops.
  • 1x Vargur – T2 Marauder – Despite being on the lower end of the Marauder scale, this ship helps keep me in isk.
  • 1x Fleet Issue Tempest – This ship I have owned for a long time, before the changes made by Dominion.  Still upset that they forced this into an armor tanker.
  • 8x Tempests – All configurations from Dual-Prop (Surprisingly useful in 1v1 PVP) to heavy long-range sniper.
  • 2x Maelstrom – Minmatar’s good looking battleship.  Also useful in PVP and PVE.
  • 1x Typhoon – A beast of an armor tanker now, and with my improved Torp and Drone skills.. a pretty savage PVP ship.
  • 1x Sleipnir – Love this ship.. its just too expensive to risk most of the time.
  • 2x Tornados – Not having a pair of these available is simply not an option.
  • 6x Hurricanes – Much like a Tempest, too useful and too varied.
  • 3x Cyclones – I just love the look of these things.  Maybe someone at CCP will finally take a look at these soon.
  • 1x Prophecy – Tanked to death, but also slow as hell.
  • 2x Drakes – Yeah, um, these are um.. not mine.  I’m just uh.. holding on to them.. for um.. somebody.
  • 1x Brutix – I can see why these were so popular at one time.
  • 1x Ashimmu – This is a ship I wish I could fly all the time.. the problem is that it is just too slow.
  • 1x Fleet Issue Stabber – I like this ship too.  Fast, manuverable.. and all guns.
  • 1x Navy Issue Auguror – Just a thought experiment.. though it does have potential.
  • 2x Guardian – One the two specializations that TFHC is persuing.  It’s popularity is well reasoned.
  • 1x Basilisk – This particular one I put together to run incursions..  Maybe I should start doing them again.
  • 1x Scimitar – Gotta have one.
  • 1x Vagabond – Still trying to fly this ship well.
  • 2x Muninn – I actually do fly this ship well.
  • 1x Mauler – Just testing a test bed.
  • 1x Omen – Another test bed.
  • 1x Dramiel – A corpmate who no longer plays the game gave this to me back in the day.  He won like 25, or 50, of these things in a contest.
  • 1x Cruor – Another overly expensive pirate frigate.  But hopefully I might have the change to use it.
  • 1x Succubus – The still pathetic Sansha nation pirate faction frigate.  No one is afraid of a spiky dung beetle.
  • 4x Wolves – My favorite ship to use.
  • 2x Jaguar – Still gotta get a fit together that I like for these guys.
  • 5x Rifters – Part of my plan to goof off in low-sec pvp.
  • 2x Cheetahs – Nice, fast scouts
  • 2x Hyenas – Hopefully CCP will figure out what to do with these guys some day.
  • 1x Vigil – Better than a Hyena for TP.
  • 2x Claws – Pretty fast armor tanking interceptor
  • 5x Stiletto – The preferred interceptor for good reason.  I use these alot to get around.
  • 2x Navy Comets – Never flew these in PVP yet, but I hear they are pretty sweet now.
  • 2x Firetails – Haven’t flown these enough yet… maybe in null-sec.
  • 1x Worm – Never used, but now that I got my hybrid and missile skills up to par…
  • 1x Hookbill – Now with Mechwarrior 2 camoflauge.
  • 1x Imperial Navy Slicer – Where the pod racer out of Star Wars, the Phantom Menace (PS, I hate you George Lucas).

Hmm.. that seems a bit.. much, doesn’t it.

(wonders if he’ll be on the next episode of Hoarders…)