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Love is a Probe Ship

Let’s start with the juicy bits first:  CCP is exploring.. well, its exploring using exploration as a way of introducing some modules into the game.  Some of these new modules can only be gotten by going to hacking and pirate progression sites (via exploration) and snagging a multi-run BPC as loot.  The one that will be introduced this way appear to be:

  • Small/Medium/Large/X-Large Ancillary Shield Booster I
  • MagSheath Target Breaker I
  • Armor Adaptive Hardener I

Looks like a good time to get my hacking and probing skills improved.

Toying with the Status Quo

Now, we should look at the new modules and changes that are going to be introduced:

Armor Adaptive Hardener I – Only one can be fitted on the ship, but this is going to adjust the ship resistances based on the damage that is incoming.  The big downside I see to this is that, depending on the power/cpu needs, this is a huge bonus to Amarr ships.. particular those like the Prophecy that have resistance bonuses.  As this appears to be one of the modules slated to be found by exploration.. you can figure that these BPCs will catch a very high price on the market.

Extrinsic Damage Amplifier I & II – This is a Minmatar boost, though it certainly will help Gallente, and some Amarrian Drone ships too.  Ships like the Vargur, Tempest, Typhoon, Maelstrom, Rapier, Huginn, Cyclone, Bellicose, Hurricane, and Rupture have the lows to spare on something like this, without sacrificing tank.  However, with flip side to that argument is that most Minmatar ships field either Medium or Light drones.. and a module like this could make a ship like the Domininx or the Ishtar, could benefit this excessively.

Small to X-Large Ancillary Shield Booster I – A potential boost to Minmatar, mainly because the Minmatar have the most shield boost bonused ships.  Basically this is a shield booster that uses a lot of cap, so it can store cap booster charges.  This has the potential of re-introducing active tanking to small to medium sized fleets because this particular booster doesn’t pull exclusively from your cap.  I am up in the air on this though because if your ship is that neuted, then likely your active resistance modules are probably offline anyways.. so you are just shortly delaying the end results.  I don’t think this will replace the cap booster module either.. because you need to have the capacitor for your speed modules if you wish to get out of a bad situation.

MagSheath Target Break I – Just a much more powerful ECM Burst.. that gets better the more folks are targeting you and you as well.  This will be standard equipment on all transports.



Overclocking Processor Rigs – Kinda surprised it took them this long to have a CPU rig.



Web Drones – I am up in the air on this, but I think these might be a wee overpowered.  Vagabonds will definately be hauling these around, as well as any battleship that can haul drones.  The possibilities are pretty extensive.  This makes ships like the Ishtar into ad hoc Rapiers/Huginns for fleets.  Rapiers and Huginns, on the other hand, become that much more powerful.  Overall though, I think Caldari and Minmatar will benefit most from this change.  Minmatar ships survive by exploiting transversal velocity, so slowing down the enemy ship more is always a benefit.  Caldari pilots make out well also because Caldari ships are typically slow and their midslots are reserved for the shield tank and speed mods.  So, having web drones will make them much more effective.  I think some creativity may also show up here in drone setups.  I figure some pilots will have 3:2 or 4:1 ratios of Web drones to Target Painting drones to help improve damage on target.

Capacitor Battery Changes – The only defense against a neutralizer has been either a Nosferatu module (which only worked if your % of cap was less than the guy attacking you) or a cap booster with charges.  Not sure if this change will make a difference.. but it will certainly be interesting to see what the reflected result will be.

WAR and Friends

Well, gone are the days of the Privateer alliances that randomly wardec’d random large alliances for the giggles one gets when nailing a freighter of an alliance mate too lazy to keep up with wars.  As if the major coalitions didn’t already have enough isk in their wallets.  The logic CCP SoniClover uses to justify this is as follows:

The increased cost reflects the easier access to multiple targets. There have been some worries having the cost scale in this way creates incentive to declare war on small entities. Griefing on small entities is not rampant now, and with the cost increasing from 2 million to 50 million, there is no reason to assume griefing on small entities will increase with these changes.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they considered the fact that if there is a reduction of targets at the top end, then the aggressors will start targeting the smaller corps.  Considering that 50 mil can be got on one good Level 4 mission, then you are going to see quite a few 130 and below member alliances and corps getting wardec’d much more often because you are much more likely to make back your isk (or fun) hitting those corps than you would trying to take on a major alliance like Goonswarm, where you probably won’t make any money back, much less even be profitable.

Besides that though, I do like the fact that they are removing (mostly) the “Dec-Shield” problem, as the War follows you into the alliance, and a new war is started if that corp leaves.. and it is at no cost to the aggressor.  You also cannot join a corporation if that corporation is in a non-mutual war.


Overall, a pretty interesting blog.. and one that has the potential to shake up PVP for a little bit.  But CCP SoniClover did say one other thing too.. ” Also, as the thinking is to start to add modules on a regular basis…”  Not sure if that is a good thing..