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Whoever did this:

Needs to stand up and take a bow.

He/She also needs to head over to the V3 group and tag some Minmatar ships for remodeling.  Why?  Because that person “gets” the Minmatar and quite a few of the Minmatar ships need to be remodelled to fit the true look.

The Minmatar, according to game lore, were once a very advanced race of humans.  In fact, here is what is said, “At one time they had a flourishing empire with a level of mechanical excellence never before or since seen anywhere.”  So, here you have a culture that apparently is second to none in their capacity to build and do mechanical work.  On top of that, their resources were limited because of being under slavery.  This would lend itself to be a culture that required maximizing functionality, using the least amount of materials to get the job done.

In other words, they were “minimalists”.

The lore goes on to describe that the Minmatars used Fusion reactor based technology, particularly for their propulsion systems.  One of the problems of this propulsion system was that it generates a considerable amount of heat.  That is why most all Minmatar ships have those “wingy bits” to cool off the excess heat that the fusion reactors generate.  Yet, sometimes, the models don’t exactly make sense.. and worse, they don’t follow their own convention in Lore.  This should be fixed.  Here are the points I will be considering:

  1. Fusion Reactors require ways to disapate heat (i.e. Radiators).  Fusion Reactors will be in Minmatar ships as both power supplies and propulsion systems.  Faster ships will require more ways to disapate heat.
  2. Minimalist designs will try to not put pointless structures on ships if something else would be more efficient and easier to construct.  However, it still means that it must be sufficient to do the job it was meant for.
  3. No one likes an ugly ship, so some designer “style” is allowed.  However, Minmatar combat ships are typically aggressive looking, meant to look fearsome and… are somewhat “pointy”, as if to show everyone who they wish to take out.
  4. Newer (higher tier ships) will be more efficient and built better than their older brethren, so they will reflect a better and more efficent look.

Tech One Frigates:

Reaper (Rookie Frigate) – Recent redone, the Reaper looks like the correct combination of better cheap parts, better building techniques, and cheap labor.

Breacher (Missile Frigate) – Again, a good mix of functionality and minimal design.  It works and its cheap.

Burst (Mining and Cargo Frigate) – This ship needs to be fixed.  It doesn’t even look like I could hold a pilot much less a load of ore.  This fails on Points 2 and 3.

Probe (Exploration and Cargo Frigate) – All in all, this ship fits the profile pretty well.  Could use a makeover, but it fits all the basic functionality and task requirements.

Rifter (Close Combat Frigate) – This is perfect.  Looks fast and powerful, while adhering closely to the typical view of what a Minmatar ship should look like.

Slasher (Interceptor Frigate) – This also has pretty good balance.. big radiator wings because of bigger engines.  I am sorta hoping that they get rid of the “step-down” look that the origianl designers thought was awesome (no idea why).

Vigil (E-War Frigate) – This ship works as well for the Minmatar Lore.  Big Radiator wings for the engines, a little more covering to protect electronics.  Even a vertical style to it.  The only problem with the Vigil is that it doesn’t look very aggressive.  In fact, the overall effect looks rather passive.

Tech One Cruisers

Bellicose (E-War Cruiser) – This ship needs a makeover.  Its ugly.  I love flying Rapiers and Huginns, but the base ship needs to be remodeled as its design doesn’t make sense.  Why that “H” boom structure with the radiators at the wrong end?  Why have the cockpit clear out in front like that, on a long, precariously thin, walkway?  Fails on the first three points.

Rupture (Combat Cruiser) – I love Ruptures, I love the look, I like how they fly.  But, there does need to be some makeover done on it.  It really needs to be radiator wings on this ship.  They can be small ones, near the engine, or somewhere.. but its a Minmatar ship, it needs radiator wings.  Also, cut off that little cabin-thingy in the front.. I know it is supposed to be the cockpit, but it looks too much like an outty bellybutton.  Fails on Point 1.

Scythe (Mining Cruiser) – No changes, this ship was redone correctly.

Stabber (Close Combat Cruiser ) – For the most part, the Stabber if fine.  It just needs more radiator fins to follow Minmatar lore, especially for as fast as it is.  Fails partially on point 1.

Tech One Battlecruisers:

Cyclone – I like the look, but I think some radiator wings should be added to the engine section.  It is an older ship after all.  Might fail on Point 1.

Hurricane – I also like the look of the Hurricane, though I still think it should have a few more radiator wings for the engine area.  The ones located at the side make sense for the internal power reactors.  So it fails a bit on Point 1.

Tornado – No changes.  Since it is a Tier 3 battlecruiser it has the best design and materials out there, so it is the new standard.

Tech One Battleships:

Typhoon – Alright, now we come to the ship that started me working on this post in the first place.  The Typhoon is the fast and oldest battleship in the Minmatar lineup.  Considering its age, as well as its power requirements, the ship should have multiple radiator fins.  To put this into perspective, the Typhoon has a base speed of 130m/s, while the relatively new Hurricane, which flies a little faster and is almost 1/10th the mass, has radiator wings.  It needs radiator fins.. big ones.  It could do with a serious makeover just on the style point too.  Looks a little too much like the paper-mache “Doomsday” machine from 1960’s Star Trek.  Thus if fails considerably on Point 1.

Tempest – This is another ship I like.. but I don’t like the design.  The radiator wings are just huge, which does give it a cool piratey look to it.  But the thing that ruins the ship is that long, pointless superstructure to the cockpit.  It just doesn’t make sense.  And then, they put one of the radiator wings on it!  Why would you do that?  So, it fails on points 1 and 2.

Maelstrom – I love the look of the Maelstrom.. it is a very clean and good looking design.  It looks purposeful, intent, and efficient.

It would be nice that the genius of Minmatar’s mechanical prowess would no longer equal..ahem.. “duct tape” construction.  And while quite a few pilots revel in the silvery compound, I don’t think CCP could go wrong with a motto like, “Let’s make every ship look good..”