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The Gradual Decline into Disorder. 

And like war, it never changes. 

The problem with Entropy is that by the time you figure out how bad it is for yourself, your corp, or your alliance.. you’re halfway to “too  late”.  And in Eve Online, finding a good alliance to put yourself is relatively difficult.  It is also incredibly frustrating as well.  And that is when everything is going well.  If your corp, as a group, is in a slump, or if perhaps you don’t have the killmails you would have liked, or if your membership is small and spreadout across multiple timezones.  Then the job of finding a decent home for your corporation can be that much more difficult.

We understand.  Because that is where we currently are.

Right now our CEO and Director are contemplating the getting ourselves a new home now that Hulkageddon V is officially over.  We’ve been looking over the various long term plans, like null-sec alliances, low-sec alliances, even things like Faction Warfare and Red versus Blue.  Because of several contacts that Corelin and Star have made, we opted to try to get into a null-sec alliance.

Now, for an individual person, its not all that difficult for one to get into a null-sec alliance.  The real problem comes in when you try to bring in a corporation.  You see Fancy Hats just dropped quite a few inactive players recently, mainly because we were part of an alliance that had a large amount of “extra” bodies that weren’t contributing to anything other than to themselves, and we felt we should set the example.  So we did.  That put is below the 20-man mark right at the moment when SILENT pretty well collapsed because, at that moment, the overabundance of non-useful people went into critical mass and.. “Pop”, there it went.

Our battle plan to get us into null-sec then began to revolve around specialization.. in particular specialization in Logistical ships.  Even though we were small, our group was dedicated enough to focus on just learning at least on logistical ship.  Most of our more active members, like myself, actually can fly more than one type of  logistics ship.  We thought we had a good plan, but really what we had was this:


  • Specialized Skills in Logistics
  • Players in multiple timezones


  • 10-14 actual players

That last bit just didn’t put us in the realm of any of the null-sec alliances that we were interested in.  They perked up when we indicated that we planned to primarily fly logistics in fleets, but it just wasn’t enough to get a serious offer back.

So, Corelin decided to bite the bullet and…

I let you know what he decided later.