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Of all the ships in Eve Online, the one ship that would benefit the most from the new Ancillary Shield Booster would be the Cyclone.

Ah yes, the beautiful Cyclone.

So, here are the configurations I tried:

Cyclone Version 1

High Slots:

5x 220mm ACs
3x ‘Arlebest’ Heavy Assault Launchers


1x X-Large Ancillary Shield Booster
1x Tech 2 Adaptive Invincibility Field
1x Upgraded EM Ward
1x Tech 2 MWD
1x 20km Disruptor


1x Tech 2 Gyrostabilizers
1x Tech 2 Overdrive Injector System
1x Tech 2 CPU
1x Tech 2 Damage Control


1x Tech 1 Projectile Aerator Rig
1x Anti-Thermal Rig
1x Anti-EM Rig

This was my first attempt to see how effective this ship was with the new Ancilliary Shield Booster.  According to the stats, the Booster in this ship gives you a boost of 1350 hp with a 800 Navy Charge.  As an FYI, the X-Large Booster can carry six Navy 800 Boosters.  My Cyclone configuration produces roughly 490 DPS using 220mms.

I was able to get one of my co-corpies, Vorghast, to help me test this new setup against both a typically fit shield and a typically fit armor hurricane.

The Fights:

First battle:  Armor Hurricane Wins.  We stayed at close range for testing purposes and the DPS from the Cyclone as I have mentioned before in this blog.  The problem is that while the tank is certainly better than say a X-large Shield Booster Cyclone.. it just doesn’t have enough defense.  So, we went on to the next battle, where we tried one with a shield boost amp, instead of the EM Ward.

Second Battle:  Armor Hurricane Wins.   I did a little better this time, plus I used more combat appropriate ammo.  I was able to get him into 2/3rds armor before I ran out of cap charges and cap and was into structure.  However, with the Shield Booster Amp, I got 1750 HP per cycle.  The downside was that my EMP and Thermal resists dropped as well.  However, I’d though that we had made enough progress that perhaps a shield hurricane might not fare so well.  One problem to adding the Shield booster was that you had to downgrade a lot of Tech 2 equipment to either Meta 4 or the low CPU Tech 1 versions.  We fixed some of these problems by removing a shield rig for a CPU rig.

Third Battle:  Shield Hurricane Wins.  Again, ran out of cap before I bested the tank on the hurricane.  Had the correct Ammo and everything.. but the DPS of the Cyclone just wasn’t enough.. and the Hurricane could simply burn through your tank.


(07/19/2012 Edit: This Post was made early on and before it was discovered that 400s gave the same HP boost as 800 cap charges.  Please see the following post for more information: https://2ndanomalyfromtheleft.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/asb-cyclone-version-1-and-version-2-pvp-ready/)

All the Ancillary Shield Boosters are way, WAY underpowered.  The Cyclone should have nearly been a tanking God with this module.. but it was nowhere near that.  And if the Cyclone, with a shield boost bonus, still isn’t useful, the the module is not worthwhile at this time on any other ship.. including the Maelstrom and the Vargur.  The HP return is, in my opinion and in my test, needs to be scale up considerably.  The X-Large HP return should be the HP return for the Large instead, and so on.  It should be like that all the way down.  In addition, the 60 second reload is way, way too long.  30 seconds would be much more reasonable.  With 800s, you aren’t going to be carrying many of those and Cyclone could effectively hold 12 max if you consider ammo.

I still will be testing these, but at this point.. I don’t see how these made it past testing.