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The floor was cold.  Here he was, a demi-god in space, rich beyond most of the human races’ dreams and yet, the floor was always cold after he was disgorged from his pod.  Orakkus was pretty sure that he should either beat some lowly techs into increasing the floor temp of his temporary office.  But then again, it is a Caldari station.. they likely didn’t install floor heaters.  At least on Minmatar stations they would let you build a fire.

Orakkus stepped forward to the wash station and the jets of warm water and disinfectant sprayed his naked body cleansing both fleshy parts and metallic implants.  After a few minutes of washing, he turned off the shower and rested his shoulder on the mirror.  Looking into the mirror, he could not be all that unhappy about happened.  At least he made it back safely.

It had not been a good day.  Orakkus had been patrolling Black Rise systems assisting with Caldari effort of shoring up system defenses, when the call came in.  We had found a lone Gallente pilot harassing some of our comrades.  However, the end result was a complete rout.  And Orakkus wanted to know why.

And so did his CEO.  Corelin got the information soon after Orakkus’ Wolf exploded in the system of Litiura and aside from some discrepancies listed on the loss, he was interested to find out what had gone on.  He didn’t have to wait long especially since Orakkus hated to lose ships stupidly and Orakkus would be ticked.

Corelin called over Star from the main office.  Both of them wanted to know what happened.  The killmail listed at least five losses.  And no kills.  Clearly something not to be repeated again.  They found Orakkus scanning over the lossmails and historical entries.

“That Caldari son of…” they heard him say after they came in.  “Why did he think that would work..?”, Orakkus muttered.  The monitor showed the combat configuration of the lost Caldari Navy Raven.  One quick look showed what was wrong.  Orakkus switched to another lossmail.  Not as bad as the Raven, but should have been better.  Another lossmail showed up, and the fitting again was below suboptimal.  In fact, it turned out that the only true PVP ship was Orakkus’ Wolf.

Still, the worst set up was the Raven.  It was god-awful.  Orakkus flipped back to the Raven lossmail again in silence and once the lossmail showed up, everyone in the room sighed.  The engagement happened at close range.  “Docking games?”, Star asked.

“Yep, and it worked.  Don’t like it, but everyone uses ’em.”  Orakkus replied.  “The gang setup was sub-optimal too.  The FC didn’t do voice comms.  Should have bailed on them when he didn’t push comms.  Even patching through Concord comm lines would have at least been something.

“Did you request voice comms?”, Corelin asked?

“Of course.  Got caught up in trying to get some more kills.  Plus, wanted to see what my Wolf could do.”  Typical risks everyone knew and made each time they undocked.  Still, as PVP pilots you expect your comrades to be able to fit decent combat ships.  And when they don’t…

Star finally spoke up.  “So, you really didn’t have a prayer, did you?”

Orakkus stood and called up some video taken by his gun cameras.  “The engagement took place at close range.  My ship was fit for that, but not without some help.  I was able to take out some of her drones.. but things got tough when those Warrior IIs got deployed.  Since we didn’t have comms, I didn’t know that we had lost the CNR and Vexor by that time and the rest of the fleet had bailed.

Corelin sat back down on the leather sofa.  “Well, we’re still new here and we still have got to figure that it is going to take some time to adjust.  Star, put his FC on the watch list.  He might be new to this.  But.. we don’t need to lose expensive ships to an FC who doesn’t want to be bothered with the basics.”

“Sounds like a plan, boss.  Orakkus, anything else you want to add?”

“Nope.  Just wish Concord would change docking regulations.. these docking games are getting annoying.”

Corelin laughed, “Ain’t that the truth.”

(Wolf loss: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=13695249, you can find the rest).