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Here is the latest devblog (with 11 pages of comments by the time I read it): http://community.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=73051

First off, I’d like to point out a certain statement in that devblog:

Over the past several months the price of the moon mineral Technetium has risen sharply, bringing some pre-existing game design issues into sharper relief.

In other words, the price increases forced by OTEC (essentially run by The Mittani) brought this about.  I wrote about this earlier, back in May with this post: https://2ndanomalyfromtheleft.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/the-push-towards-farm-and-fields/, and it looks like Ring Mining isn’t going to be the way to produce Moon goo.. at least not yet.  The fascinating thing is that this change, slated for Inferno 1.2, will completely destroy OTEC’s strength.

Clearly a move against the influence of Goonswarm and The Mittani, right?

Not so fast.  This change plays into something the Mittani was pushing for back when he was CSM.  His “Farms and Fields” initiative.  According to the devblog, essentially ALL moon materials can be made using other moon materials through alchemy.  This essentially makes manufacturing and industry an option everywhere, including 0.0.  This flies in the face of previous plans which made Technetium the “conflict driver”, and pushed the majority of moons into just a few areas (Sadly it turned out only to be a massive money maker for already wealthy and powerful alliances, further making it impossible for small alliances to get into 0.0).  Such a change will also make low-sec moons more profitable, and finally worth defending and fighting for.  This could be a problem for alliances like Pandemic Legion, who control quite a few high value moons in low-sec.

The other point is OTEC.  OTEC was a move to push CCP into action, which as you can see, it did.  The reasons why it took so long could be a.) they didn’t study up on the history and price fixing issues from OPEC or b.) They wanted to see how effective / problematic something like OTEC would be. or c.) They didn’t want to be seen as punitively harming one specific person or alliance.  Either way, the formation of OTEC was successful in more ways that one.. but especially in the way that the Mittani (with the CSM hat) wanted it to be.  It is rather funny to see how many comments are Anti-Goon or Anti-Mittani while watching for “Goon Tears”.  Love him or hate him, this level of meta gaming is something he has done in the past and

Stats and Figures

100 Titanium and 100 Vanadium reacts into 1 Unrefined Vanadium Hafnite refines into 10 Vanadium Hafnite and 95 Vanadium
100 Cobalt and 100 Platinum reacts into 1 Unrefined Platinum Technite refines into 10 Platinum Technite and 95 Platinum
100 Scandium and 100 Chromium reacts into 1 Unrefined Solerium refines into 10 Solerium and 95 Chromium
100 Scandium and 100 Cadmium reacts into 1 Unrefined Caesarium Cadmide refines into 10 Caesarium Cadmide and 95 Cadmium
100 Evaporite Deposits and 100 Atmospheric Gases reacts into 1 Unrefined Hexite refines into 10 Hexite
100 Atmospheric Gases and 100 Tungsten reacts into 1 Unrefined Rolled Tungsten Alloy refines into 10 Rolled Tungsten Alloy and 95 Tungsten
100 Evaporite Deposits and 100 Titanium reacts into 1 Unrefined Titanium Chromide refines into 10 Titanium Chromide and 95 Titanium
100 Hydrocarbons and 100 Scandium reacts into 1 Unrefined Fernite Alloy refines into 10 Fernite Alloy and 95 Scandium
100 Silicates and 100 Cobalt reacts into 1 Unrefined Crystallite Alloy refines into 10 Crystallite Alloy and 95 Cobalt

Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about moon mining to make a comment about this.  I don’t have internet right now and my industrial alt has a tough time with 10 piece puzzles at the moment, so any understanding is lost on me.  There are some comments about how the reactions are going to be too pricey, and that the values are based off of the old 2008 Greyscale devblog (located here: http://community.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&bid=601), but CCP Fozzie makes it very clear that the values will change to ensure that it is profitable somehow.  It was also mentioned, in the comments, by CCP Fozzy that “This is the first step in our plan to revamp tech 2 production. Changes to how the minerals are obtained will be coming before we’re done (although probably not from PI)”.  So PI is going to stay as it is.. but everything else will be as the devblog puts it, “The end goal is for the materials for tech two production to come from player activities that require group gameplay and risk taking, and that provide appropriate rewards”.


This change is absolutely good for Eve Online, allowing for more people to get into supplying Tech 2 builders with more goods will mean cheaper Tech 2 ships and modules, a great thing for PVP.  The news, in my opinion, is not so good for the soon to be discounted OTEC membership.. well, all except for Goonswarm.  I have little doubt that the Mittani long prepared for this likelihood (it wasn’t meant to be a permanent thing anyways), and is probably looking towards those OTEC members who didn’t plan well as their new targets.

They are Goons after all…