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Last week I finally started to feel my stride, back in PVP.  Surprisingly, I am finding out that I am rather adept at flying a Jaguar Assault Frigate.  Twice I have come out and twice I have come back.. with kills.  Don’t worry Kirith Kodachi.. I have seen your challenge.  However, right now I appear to be inadvertently helping the Gallente Fed because we’ve killed far more pirates than Frogs!  Ah well.. I will have a proper response to your challenge… Soon ™.

The Hobo sent Packing

Anyways, back to the main point.  Among my kills so far this month are two, count them two, Dual ASB fit ships.  The first is the following:


The killmail is a bit fubar’d, but what we have here is a Dual-ASB fit utilizing a Large and Medium ASB.  Let me describe how the kill went down so that you understand exactly what happened.  I was sitting on the exit point of the acceleration gate going to an Unrestricted site.  We knew there was a Vagabond hunting in the area, but we had a group of 12 to 16 Assault Frigates in the system, so we didn’t think he was going to be all that brave. 

As we had scared off the frogs, we decided that we should plex the system.  Since we weren’t expecting too much trouble, we split the fleet up to hit the three plexes.  As I mentioned before, I stationed myself at the exit point of the acceleration gate at one of the unrestricteds.  A fleet member, in a much faster ship, had begun to hit the button.  We had been there for a bit, and I had seen a Vagabond on D-scan.  Word then came up that a Vagabond had engaged one of the militia member, then suddenly broke off.  A few seconds later, this Vagabond in on my overview.. and just a couple thousand meters above me.

I click into action, locking, webbing, and scramming the Vaga.  I kick the MWD up and start doing quick rotations around the ship at about 7500m range.  Not sure what he was thinking but hardly any damage hits me initially.  He wakes back up and starts moving and dropping  his Warrior II drones.  My AC 200s are pounding his shields though and he’s quickly into half shields, then shortly after,  a third shields.  During this time I make the call out that I have the Vagabond pointed.  However, because the Vaga was spotted elsewhere, the fleet goes to another plex.  I see the ASBs kick off and he is starting to get some shots placed on me as I have difficulty keeping transversal.

Pretty soon, my Jaguar is just about out of shields so I work to pull out of his 24k disruptor range.  Of course, my transversal is pretty bad now, and he wants me dead.  Still it takes him too much time for him to get his MWD reved up and turning my direction and I am off.  At the moment I warp off, I notice other militia members land at the gate.  They strip him bare and he is dead long before I land at the celestrial that I warped to 40 AU away.

Chicken, yessir, Chicken.. HAWK

Shortly their after, my shields nice a repped up with just a smidget of armor damage, we run into a nice and tight AF/Destroyer gang.  The pinnacle of this fleet was a pretty impressive Hawk: http://tfhc.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=14210328.  We basically dropped on the gate at the same time, and there was a stand off for a moment.  Not sure who shot who first, but we locked them up and started taking them down.  The enemy fell before us, but we had a major time trying to take this guy down before we finally got the DPS we were after.  However, he didn’t last all that long once all the other targets were dead, so it wasn’t like he was tanking all of us the entire time.  He was left for last.

So, how does this prove that Dual ASBs are not invincible?  First off, as I mentioned before, the ASB has a pretty high CPU requirement and as such, two of them pretty well dominate the available CPU.  A buffer shield by comparision actually does two things:  First, if gives you a lot of shield HP up front.  Second, because of how Eve mechanics are, the larger the buffer, the more your shield gets regenerated naturally.  The big advantage of the ASB, is that you get A LOT of HP all at once.. at your command.  The downsides again are a.) If you don’t have good resists in the first place, you don’t have a lot of play for your defense, even with an ASB, since you have to consider not only the amount of HP you recieve, but the timing of that boost too.  b.) and without a lot of upfront buffer, volley damage become a much more critical issue.