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Just a few days ago, we became an attached arm of a new Caldari Militia  called Kraken.. I personally would have preferred something like “The Humboldt“, something a little more akin to our tactics, but I digress.  As usual, because of our small size, there was an attempt to combine us with another small corp so that numbers would be less of an issue.  Corelin kept to his guns, and Fancy Hats was eventually brought in the fold.  Interestingly enough, the person who tried to get us to combine with their corp, has pulled his corp out of the alliance due to some unknown drama.  Sounds like typical low-sec drama.  TFHC is now the smallest corp in Kraken., but our target employment is near where the other corps in Kraken are at, so I anticipate that we will probably start hiring once summer is over and we have a few more things nailed down about our new alliance.

Corp and Personal PEW PEW

July turned out to be an especially good month for us as we claimed over 300 kills.. though it was tempered with some pretty serious losses on our end.  Still, it was our first solid month in Faction Warfare and several of our members took to the new fighting with gusto.  While August hasn’t quite come up to that yet for our corp, I myself have finally gotten back into the PVP, thanks to former m3 Corp Director and now evil froggie Kirith Kodachi.  I’ve made more kills this month than I have had since March of 2011, and the month is only half over.  The big draw for me has been getting more time in smaller frig class ships like Interceptors and Assault Frigates, as well as the ole Rifter.  While I still need to hone my skills in a Rifter, I’m finding that I am coming to terms with the Jaguar and the Stiletto rather quickly.  I’ve taken my Jaguar out quite a bit and it has returned me safely every time and this year my Jag has netted me more kills than anything else in my fleet.

Faction Warfare is definately a different animal than Null-sec fighting.  In Faction Warfare, the focus is on small ships and quick tactics.  Speed, agility, travel time, all factor in a different way than when I ran with null-sec fleets back in CVA and the NC.  It also helps that in faction warfare a fleet can be useful if not directly engaged in PVP.  One of the big problems with null-sec fleets was that trying to find a fight took a long time and usually required going long distances.  Null-sec fleets often lasted several hours with some going on for 10 to 12 hours without firing a single shot, or having to bug out because either a.) You got intel that your enemies were preparing to hotdrop you, or b.) You found out at the last minute that they had better numbers.  The fact that we can usually get a fight within six jumps of our home systems is a pretty nice change.

Ships on the Barby

So, over the last couple weeks I’ve been able to mess around with a few ships not normally (until now) in my fleet.  That includes the Rifter, the Jaguar, the Stiletto, and… the Retriever.  I put together an ASB Rifter to try out on roams, but it got popped too quickly.  I don’t even think I got a single ASB cycle off before my ship was gone.  I do plan on trying the config again for plexing, but going against heavier gangs is likely out of the picture because there just isn’t a way to buffer it enough.

My Jaguar, on the other hand, is buffer shield fit and has taken a tremendous amount of punishment against fairly large gangs.  It was a last-minute, throw together fit that has turned out to be an excellent frigate to go against larger gangs.  The downside is that the DPS is compariable to a Rifter.  Still, I’ll be flying this ship quite often against the frogs and their ilk.

The Stiletto hasn’t made it out too much yet, but I am starting to get the hang of it.  Most of my PVP career has been based around flying BCs and bigger, occasionally using Recons, HACs, and most of all Logistics.  In addition, having being out of serious PVP for over a year tends to dull the skills.. so the basic refresher course has been nice.  I am also seeing potential in bringing in some Claws and getting more familiar with their use, now that CCP’s “Tiercide” campaign is changing the way Tier 1 frigates are going to be used.

Finally, the Retriever, that old mining ship that is in everyone’s hanger, but rarely saw the light of day.  Well, mine gets to see the light of day often now, and fairly soon I should be able to purchase a Mackinaw as an upgrade.  I really like the change to these ships.. and while these ships probably only produce at the same rate as a bad level 4 mission, it is a nice thing to be able to make some isk while spending time with the family and only requiring partial attention (don’t worry, it’s on an alt..).

General “Huh?”

Time has started to finally allow me to play and plan more in Eve, so I am going back through and updating my links and blog information.. as well as working on reading the fantastic FW Bloggers that are already out there.  Details about things like Plexing, FW Killboards, LP dumping, Strong players, Weak enemy and friendly corps, etc. are on the list waiting to be found.  My Blog will be updated with these new connections, especially from places like Soverignty Wars and Gamerchick42.  I see friends like Kirith and Poetic on the Gallente side, others like Gamerchick42 and the CSM Member Hans Jagerblitzen forming up on the Minmatar Side.  The Amarr and Caldari blogs don’t seem so obvious, but I’ve only just started.  We’ll have to see where they take me too.