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I’m pretty boring.

Or at least my mind has become boring.  In fact, this post is mainly done because I feel the need to write.. something.. ANYTHING.. just to keep this blog running in my mind.

But, there really isn’t any major issue going on, aside from the CSM 7 being pretty lame without the Mittani, who has now become a brand name, rather than a controversal figure.  CCP is engaging the playerbase like never before which other MMOs view as something mythical.  Faction Warfare has a few minor issues still (like no LP for defensive plexing), but it is enjoying tremendous success.  There is a lot going on in the game.. but nothing.. outstanding anymore.

And now, I am trying my hand at mining and industry.

Yes, I am pretty boring.  Which is why I am starting to enjoy mining…

Into the Blue, or Mining, the game to play when you got other RL things to do.

I started to get my freighter alt prepped for this when The Fancy Hats Corporation decided to get into Faction Warfare.  He was still working on his retriever when the mining barge and exhumer changes were announced by CCP.  He’s now taking up my training time that I had for Orakkus and is still skilling up to optimize mining.  However, I am also pondering doing module building because I have a few researched BPOs and some invention skill through Orakkus.  Either way it is certainly something different from the PVP and PVE stuff that I had been doing for the last five years in Eve Online.

Now that I have begun mining in earnest.. or as earnest as the desire to focus on Faction Warfare will get me.. I have begun to realize a few things:

A.) Mining is dull.

No, not dull as in the conversation your mom has with grandma, I mean slit your wrists dull.  If being dull was an olympic sport, mining in Eve would get a silver medal.. maybe even gold.  It is time consuming, it requires very little interaction, and it is still a necessary evil of the game.

B.) Mining is a casual player’s best friend.

There are only two things in Eve that I have done that are really family friendly while at the same time allows you to play the game and get enough isk to keep enjoying it.  The first is belt ratting.  The second is mining.   You see, I have three kids and all three need attention.  I also have a lovely wife, and she too needs attention.  I also have a house, and you guessed it, that needs attention as well.  This leaves very little time to run two or three hour ops because you never know when you have to mediate between the kids, the concerns of your wife, the ever growing weed population, or a mix thereof along with fire and bandages.  Therefore, the ability to drop everything at a moments notice to fix a minor issue before something REALLY BAD happens is a very wonderful aspect indeed.

C.) Mining is the very beginning of the serious Meta game that happens in the Industrial Eve World.

People start to mess with your head when you mine, either with you in game, or out on blogs.  Your system that you have found belts to mine in will suddenly, and unexplicably, be completely gone on one day.  Prices will rise and fall for no apparent reason, and there isn’t much of a way to determine why to sell in certain areas.  Finding out all these things sort of has an air of mystery surrounding it.

D.) Ice Mining isn’t the end all of profit mining in high-sec

I remember that used to be the mantra of mining in high-sec.  “What is the best way to make isk mining?”, the response was always “Mine ice”.  Nowadays, I’m not so sure.  My initial estimates show me to be about making double the amount of isk mining Plagioclase and Scordite over mining Ice.

Current Mining Skills:

  • Mining V
  • Mining Upgrade IV (Tech 2 Mining Upgrades)
  • Plagioclase and Scordite Processing IV
  • Refinery Efficency III
  • Ice Harvesting IV
  • Mining Barge V
  • Exhumers III

Now, admittedly, I still need to get my Ice Mining skills up.  That could be the big problem as I don’t have Ice Harvesting to V, as well as Ice Processing to a good level either.  But at this time, with my Retreiver, I was making about 10 mil isk (very roughly) every 30 minutes.  As compared to ice, which got me about 16 mil every hour.  That value varies quite a bit because ice is consistant whereas I can usually find Azure Plagioclase and Condensed Scordite reasonably often.

So far this experiment actually might be proving useful.  My main is using LP to get datacores, and eventually I’d like to get my alt set to use those datacores to invent for profit.  So, one hand shakes the other I suppose, right?