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First, the lossmail.

And this is the ship that I was up against.

Now, let me be clear that this was the first time I flew this ship in actual PVP.  I had been flying this ship around in the Black Rise region running Plexes and I was fairly confident that this particular setup should have gotten me into a few good fights.  Thrashers are pretty tough ships and continue to be a bane to frigate class ships.  Now, sadly, like most of my Eve career, I’ve spent very little time flying Destroyers simply because in my past there just wasn’t a use for a ship with little to no tank.  So, I know I am bound to lose this ship eventually..

But, just not as quickly as I did.

First off, I simply should not have turned on the PC.  You know what I mean.  There are simply days, and even weeks, where no matter what you do it will come out wrong.  Here’s all the things that went wrong prior to logging onto Eve.

  1. Lawnmower steering breaks down.
  2. Eight large trees that I have been watering for months trying to save.. look dead.
  3. The Goathead weeds that I thought I physically removed.. I find nearly a dozen.. with my feet.
  4. There is something dead in my wife’s car.  I can’t find it.
  5. Begin beta test of Smite, get stomped every minute.
  6. Play World of Tanks, lose almost every battle, nearly ever shot bounces, and I die early often.  No matter what tank I am in.

So, I should have had the thought that I probably needed to re-think my fit.  Looking back, I made some very beginner mistakes.  Then again, the way combat works in Faction Warfare, they weren’t unreasonable ideas.  However, the concept was based off of some things I had heard regarding armor tanked Thrashers being a real pain to deal with.

I should first set up what happened.  I was flying around, looking for a solo fight because I really need to put some more effort into, what I consider, one of my weaker points.  Hitting some local plexes also wouldn’t be bad.  I jumped into Kinakka, where KRAKEN. is operating out of, and ran a quick D-Scan.  A Navy Comet shows up and I see that he is at a Minor Plex.  I warp to the Acceleration Gate just as he turns and jumps in.  Unfortunately I hit the gate and get stuck momentarily before I follow him in.  He’s about 50-60 off of me when I land.

Mistake #1: Passive Armor Tank + Close Range Weapons w/Short Range Ammo = No hits on target.  My hope was to catch him right at the landing, scram and web him and then bury him with heavy damage from Hail.  My Thrasher makes a beeline directly toward the Comet and he comes towards me and fighting ensues on the chance that I can get him before he makes his combat orbit.

Mistake #2:  Federation Navy Comets have Drones. – I completely forget about this and I might have been able to save my ship had I remembered this tidbit.  The way I have my overview set up, I didn’t see enemy drones (I have a different tab for that).  If that had happened, I might have at least been able to cut his drones down and chased off the Comet.

Mistake #3:  Change Ammo ASAP – In the fighting that occured, I desperately tried to trick him to get into range.. but that is a near impossible task with a 400mm plate slowing down all your turns and acceleration.  I should have switched to the Phased Plasma the moment I realized that he was shield fit.  The downside to this is that Projectile weapons take ten seconds to reload, so if I had guess wrong (and I probably would have switched to Barrage anyways) then I really didn’t have the time to recover.

The fight turned out to be a learning experience and I stepped away from PVP for the weekend fully aware that throwing more ships into the grinder would have benefitted little for me.  That and I was somewhat broke at the time too.  But, now that I know what I did wrong.. well, let’s just say I will be trying out another Thrasher build.. soon.