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I haven’t talked about World of Tanks in a while, even though it has taken quite a bit of my normally precious Eve Online time.  This mainly due to the fact that I can play one or two rounds, then go fix something, weed something, or do general stuff that need to get done.  So, in the meantime, this is where I am at.

What Hummel Pummel?

One of my favorite class of tanks in WoT is the Self-propelled Guns.  In particular, my current favorite is the German Hummel.  My personal Hummel is fully upgraded, with every member of my crew 100% skilled and in their 90% for their perks.  I can usually get into position fairly quickly on most maps and, until recently, do some fairly decent damage, accurately nailing my targets on the battlefield.

That is.. “until recently”.

Turns out that the developers at Wargaming.net felt that they needed to change the ballistic algorithium that they used to better reflect real life physics (This point turned out be false, as I misread a recent Developer Blog – See my note here).  Well, that was all well and good.. except for the part that my artillery strike is lucky to hit inside the circle, even if I have my target fully dialed in.  In the last few days of gaming, maybe only a dozen times have I landed a shot right were I aimed it.  Most of the time, it lands on a random edge (or maybe not so random.  One time I had a tank dialed in where only a sliver of the targeting circle wasn’t on the tank… wanna take a guess where the shot landed?).  “Pummel with a Hummel” is no longer all that true.  Kinda makes me nervous about moving into the GWPanther.

Jaga.. Jaga.. Jaga…. JAGPANTHER!

Another favorite class of mine is the Tank Destroyer, and among the ones I really enjoyed is the ever popular Hetzel, the sleek StuGIII, and my most recent addition, the JagPanther.  I just got my crew to 100% training.  This baby is schweet.. except when matchmaker decides that because I have a Tier 9 gun, that I should be in an All Tier 9 and 10 fight.  That usually means I can’t damage a thing, even with AP shells.. and that I die to random shots.  Aside from that, though, it is a rather fun tank to run.. and worth the painstaking effort it is to get through the Jagdpz IV.

Still, another issue that has recently come up is that my JagPanther no longer making me any money.  It is a Tier 7 tank, but I usually did well enough that about 75% of the time I came home with a bit of profit after ammo was replaced and repairs made.  That no longer appears to be the case.  Not one of the battles I have been in, even the ones where my team one, have turned a profit.  Not really happy about that and not sure if that is just a bad run of luck.. or if there has been a change to how credits are calculated.

Das Booma!

Probably the most expensive, and most hailed, tank in my arsenal is the Tiger tank.  I had a zen weekend with it last week where I actually dominated and started to make money on it.  There were even a couple battles where I personally was the deciding factor in victory.  That zen moment has promptly disappeared and I am again losing  money on the tank.  It is my only heavy tank and oddly reminds me of the Minmatar Tempest prior to projectile changes, meaning:  Really good at shooting small stuff, but no where near on par with tanks of the same tier.  Still, I am starting to get the hang of this tank and with a my fully trained up crew (including perks in the 95%), I can usually hold my own.  I do expect to be selling this tank shortly because I can now operate the Tier 8 Tiger II, which looks like a Pzv IV, a tank that I was stellar in.

The Sports Car

I still have this VK3001P kicking around in my garage.  Of all the VK series tanks that I have tried, this one just rocks.  The VK3001H was just a bit too light for me and the VK3601H was just too high and too weak (despite it having more armor).  The VK3001P is low to the ground and fairly fast with enough firepower to make a difference.  I really should play this one more, but I have been focused alot of getting my JagPanther and Tiger crews all trained up.

Retreat?!  Never!  Advance?!  Never!

The latest addition to my garage is the French Lorraine 39 L AM SPG.  Let me put your fears to rest.  Yes, it sucks.  Not the usual “all arties suck.” way, more of a “OMG, I fired my gun ten minutes ago and only now the shot hit the target!” type of way.  This SPG is sllllllooooooooooooowwwww.  It moves slowly, it fires slowly, and the shell hits the target.. yes, slowly.  The only thing this SPG does fast is bracket the target.  I have been able to count the seconds pass from the time I pull the trigger to the time the shots land (usually between 3 to 5 seconds).  My favorite part is when I have a tank bracketed, all the indicators are green, and I fire..  only to find out that the system forgot to tell me that there is a mountain in the way.  Ooops.