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Yesterday, I pointed out in my blog about all the trouble that I have recently been having with Arties, in particular my Hummel.  I have pointed out strange things like:

  • Having a tank fully bracketed, yet the shell lands in the one spot not covered by the targeting circle.
  • Going from often hitting where I point of the center of the targeting circle to rarely getting close.

This of course caused me to go into a “Holy RAGE of UNFAIR Developer Interaction!!!”, particularly after I read this Developer Blog… you will see a specific topic that reads:

  • New Physics

With the new physics there will be several new and more realistic options available our players.  Including the ability to push other vehicles, drive down slopes and jump from the cliffs. Thanks to new physics almost all cases of getting ‘stuck’ will be fixed, and tank acceleration and handling will be more realistic.  

THERE!!  RIGHT THERE!!  How DARE those Evil Developers mess with my Hummel, this is clearly a conspiracy against me.. erm.. no a conspiracy against ALL HUMMEL TANK DRIVERS!!

Yes, clearly..

Course, if I had any brains whatsoever, I would have realized that they.. um.. hadn’t actually put those changes on the game server yet… Yes.. that much was clear.

What also is clear?  I need to get more sleep before I go on a rant.