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It is always a tragety when we lose a fellow gamer from the world of Eve.  Usually it is because of some health difficulty like cancer, or it is because of something sudden, like a vehicle accident.  Each time, the Eve Community stops for a moment for reflection, because we contemplate our own lives and we contemplate the reality that in OUR game, people.. individuals, still matter.  We know this because we all have a similar calling, a similar longing, and a similar desire.  We also reflect on this because we have lost one of our family.  Sadly, we lost one today due to religious violence.

To Sean Smith’s family: May the hope that the Bible promises to be true, be true for you as well and know that I pray for you and your family.  Also know that our Eve Gaming Community has longer memories than most.  He will be missed.

In Honor of Vile Rat, multiple outposts are being renamed in his honor.  You can follow those outposts that were renamed here.

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