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I recently picked up a brand new Nemesis yesterday.  I always thought that these ships were sexy, but I will have to admit that I have a nagging question.

Doesn’t this:

Look an awful lot like this:

It’s a bit.. eerie, isn’t it.  Perhaps Fallout is an early, early history of Earth in our timeline.. and perhaps the Gallente decided to pick these up, along with snails, as a new food source and that every Nemesis hull is really a giant, super-bred, MIRELURK!!  Either that or perhaps the rumors of a giant space bat hidden way in the deep, dark recesses of Essense space are true?

.. or perhaps this is just the worst beginning of my blog evar.  Probably.

Anyways, now that I have trained up Gallente frigates to V and have all the small gun specializations up to IV, the frogs on the other side will be seeing me sport the newest in Gallente small ship hardware against them.  I’ll post what ships I did well in the field with too.

In Other (alt) News

Currently, my alt is focusing on two things:  Probing and Combat.  I had planned to move him closer to invention and construction, but I find that I am getting drawn more and more into probing.  Enough that I am pondering the possibility of setting up a low-sec system and doing probing operations in deep, ignored low-sec.  Still working on the specifics, but I think it is doable given the right locals.  I plan on dragging in a Prorater or two into a station system, then only mine local area signature locations, using the minerals to make ammo and shuttles for low-sec use.

The combat aspect is because I plan to be able to utilize all low-sec signatures, and that will require a much more powerful and generic ship than what a Tech 2 cruiser can provide.  This will likely mean that I’ll have to build up my missile skills as well as my cruiser skills too.  So my training plan is going to look something like this:

  1. Science Skills: Archeology IV,  Astrometric Pinpoint IV, Astrometric Acquisition IV
  2. Caldari Frigate V
  3. Engineering Skills:  Engineering V
  4. Missile Launcher Skills: Light Missiles IV
  5. Missile Laucher Skills: Guided Missile Precision IV, Missile Projection IV, Rapid Launch IV
  6. Science Skills: Various Engineering Skills to I
  7. Science Skills: Metallurgy IV
  8. Science Skills: Hacking IV

That is just the start… but I hope to have some of my production runs starting to make more money so we’ll have to see.  There is a strong chance that I may just avoid all the combat skills for now because they use up a tremendous amount of time and even if I operate in low-sec, my advantage will be on how well I escape, not how well I fight.  The Prorater and the Skiff have only enough drones to be annoying, not destructive.

The saddest part is that I REALLY appreciate mining as it is right now.  True, it is a no-brainer task that can be done largely AFK (well, only in hi-sec).. but this last weekend my family decided to go visit the in-laws sans me (because I needed to work), and I actually got quite a bit of house work (including some mowing) while I was mining.  Now, it wasn’t completely AFK mind you.  I would mow a couple strips of grass, go in, check to make sure I wasn’t being harassed or to switch roids, then go back to do another couple strips of grass.  It was probably the most truly Real Life productive time I have ever had in any MMO!  It is kinda scary, but I sorta don’t want to make CCP make mining any more interactive now.  Is it fun, not really…  but it allows me to keep interacting and making minor amounts of isk in the game, while I deal with stuff in the real world that need to get done.

So, back to probing.  I am definately going to need something a bit better than my Heron for these tasks, but I know that a Tengu is a bit much, both in isk and in skill (I don’t wanna fly a non-T2 fit Tengu), so I am pondering what my options are.  Right now I am pondering using a stunted “All-in-one” Caracal to start, then moving to the Tengu when the profitability becomes more evident.  Still, a Buzzard/Combat Cruiser combo might be best because I will still need to switch ships anyways, and my alt’s skills aren’t good enough to use slightly crippled combat ship effectively.

So, in the meantime, I will study low-sec areas, traffic, and market.. maybe find a way to carve a little piece of  Happiness out there.

Oh, one side note:  Someone posted a comment on my blog yesterday and somehow the spam filters tagged it as spam, and I only saw that it was a REAL comment the moment before I trashed it.  Sorry bout that.  Anyways, repost it and I’ll make sure it gets put in the comments again.