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All of these have been on the web now for a couple days, but let’s take a look anyways:

The first is the Caldari Tier 2 Destroyer, the NOTNAMEDYET:

This new addition to the Caldari line up looks really, really good.  I daresay it is probably the best looking destroyer thus far.  The lines are nice, symetrical (oh, the heresay!), and just simply looks cool.  The name will probably something birdy, like Petrel, or Vieros, or Swift.  Either way, this is definately going into my arsenal, even as just a ship spinner.

The second destroyer that we know the looks of is the Minmatar .. Whatchamacallit:

I will have to say that I am still up in the air about the looks of this one.  Part of my head says.. “Oooo, different.”, while the other side says, “Um.. why is one side all fancy, and the backside all plain?”  I sort of understand what they did there, because the artist clearly wanted to show the right portions for a missile boat, a ship that looks like it could hold a ton of ammo and it being balanced about it.  Sadly, it doesn’t quite grab me the same way as the new Caldari destroyer does.  It doesn’t look bad, it just doesn’t look.. special, ya know?  In a funny moment, I kinda turned my monitor on its side to see if I would like it more.. um.. on its side.. and yeah, it looks better that way too.  Unfortunately, the ship has already gotten some comments similar to what is reserved for ships like the Thorax or the Avatar.  The name will probably something like Mako, or Singe, or Basher.  Something appropriately tough.

Sadly, we don’t have renders for either the new Amarr or Gallente destroyers yet.

This final video though is on the new mining Frigate, the Chribba:

Yes, it is named the “Chribba” (cough).   I’m sure of it because CCP (cough) said so and CCP (cough) never lies.  Btw, I have some Ocean Front ™ property in North Dakota that is for sale.. no one else has the same view of the ocean as you will have.  But seriously, this mining frigate is industrial yellow.. very stealthy for a ship that was designed to potentially do sneaky ninja (cuz all good ninjas where yellow..) mining in deep hostile areas (you know, because null-sec Ores are so valuable that you need an agile and small ship with a relatively small cargo hold to reap the huge rewards of your ill-gotten gains… ).  I just can’t wait to see who ganks a Supercarrier with a fleet of these…