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SerpentineLogic posted the following pics on Reddit, featuring what appears to be a very modern Tempest model:

From the Back:

This was posted quite recently, and the comments were rather few.. but still, the majority of them seemed rather positive with the new change.  Myself, I think it is a very nice improvement over the original as it keeps its distinctive style, while giving it more a more solid, modern look.  The back of this ship looks really, really cool and personally, I think think this model is a worthy re-imaging of the iconic ship.

Reddit link is here.

This video I just had to add when I saw it.  It includes the already mentioned Caldari and Minmatar Tier 2 destroyers, as well as the Tempest Remodel.. but it also includes the Gallente destroyer model, which looks fairly similar to General Grevious’ fighter in Star Wars III.