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I have a conundrum.

It started with this.  Well, actually it started more with the introduction of “gun-mining”, then the change from R64 moons to Technetium moon, then the proliferation of Supercapitals, etc, etc.  But that, this, and this are the most recent things that started it.  Then we have this interesting post as well.

You see, I am supporting TEST.  Not voluntarily mind you.  But like Goons, Pandemic Legion, and all other sorts of null-sec superpowers, they have their hands in POCOs.  Particularly low-sec POCOs.  Low-sec, Faction Warfare space.  In Black Rise.  So my little Construction Block/Nanite operation pays them a little dividend of a 9% tax rate every time I transfer a resource on or off planet.  That 9% means that every time my P1 product is ready to go, I have to pay them about 450k to pull it off planet, and another 450k to put it back on planet.  So, to make a P2 Resource, I have to pay them roughly 2mil isk.  When my finished product becomes available, then I have to pay about another 1mil isk to get it off planet.

So far I have just started producing, but I figure that out of a 9 to 10mil isk a day production, a third goes directly into TEST’s pockets.

Now, I’m not a big fan of Goons.  Or TEST.  I could go on and on about having seen the ills and malfunctions of various null-sec entities on Eve Online as a whole.  I can provide personal examples.  I can provide actual data.

But herein lies the problem and my conundrum.  My initial reaction to finding out that our low-sec space was being ransaked by TEST made me want to jump into a Dread and punch its lights out, while installing a few POCOs of my own.  But after I let that initial wave of faux-patriotism wash over me, I began to realize: I am in the Caldari Militia.  We only, JUST NOW, got our forums back online.  Faction Warfare and their alliances resemble little more than Hi-sec “industrialists-with-teeth” alliances that plague the vast majority of Eve.  While at first glance we appear to be powerful due to us capturing so many systems, such a set up actually is a pain because the Gallente Faction Warfare guys are the ones rolling in potential isk right now.  If either side had any high level brains, we’d come to an.. um.. “agreement” where each month both sides would “magically achieve” supremcy and get Tier V status and sell off all our LP during a pre-arranged dump and giving each side loads and loads of isk.

So on one side, I have a null-sec alliance, encroaching on my space, probably not using my isk for any good and likely its only benefiting a few null-sec individuals anyway (may not even be PVPers), or if it is, it most certainly supporting more supercap proliferation, the sheer bane of Eve Online (CSM7!  WHY U NO FIX SUPERCAP PRODUCTION!!).. but on the other side, I can’t trust that new owners, even if they were Caldari FW members, would treat me well as I try to suppliment my meager income with PI.  Most likely, I’d have fluxating tax rates with 100% one day, 5% the next, and making either no isk or very little.. all in the name of some individual who are probably even less attached to my goals than TEST is.  To me, it is a lot like Microsoft.  I don’t necessarily like their product, but their product has enough support and stability that I can overlook some of its bad coding.

Probably between Poetic and Mynnna, my opinion favors Mynnna’s viewpoint on the problem, having flown in null-sec for a few years.  Either way though, technetnium is again the focal point of the issue, and alchemy appears only to have made slight changes to the FOTM moon material.  The technetnium economy has allowed big alliances to maintain a firm grip on both their assets, and assets that they a.) Don’t have the manpower for, and b.) Don’t have the actual time to reasonably utilize.  But that firm grip can allow for certain things like POCOs and tax rates to remain stable for months, even years, and allowing people like me to start up and maintain small operations, without much interference.

Still, it would be nice if TEST lowered the Tax Rate in the Inolari Constellation…