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Oh, things like IT WILL BE HERE ON DEC. 4th!  Heard from an inside source about the upcoming Winter Expansion.  I am not sure if he got them drunk, or tied them down using barbed wire, or if they are having a bit of fun at his expense, but here at the details we have:

NAME: Retribution – Website here.

(Bloody hell, The Mittani is actually there.)

Err.. well, his website.

Looks like Massively was able to get a better view too.

There is a running list of things that will be on it:

Ship Re-Configurations.

  • Tech 1 Frigate Re-balancing
  • Tech 1 Destroyer Re-balancing
  • Tech 1 Cruiser Re-balancing

Some new blood for the Hanger: New Tier 2 Destroyers

  • Amarr Destroyer (currently slated for missiles now, not drones) – A silloette of it can be seen in the Retribution website.
  • Caldari Destroyer (currently slated for drones instead of missiles) – Not sure how well that will go over..
  • Minmatar Destroyer (still slated to be a missile boat)
  • Gallente Destroyer (still slated to be a drone boat – though there was some thought about the slot and turret arrangement that might get changed)
  • New Mining Frigate

New industry changes for Faction Warfare players…

Ah, but that.. that isn’t the best part.

Killmails and Bounties – Yes PLAYER killrightss and Bounties

Killrights will now be SELLABLE AND CAN BE RENTED OUT PLUS KILLRIGHTS CAN BE PLACED ON PODS, ON SHIPS, OR EVE ON CORPS. (though how that is handled I don’t know)

There are also new rules of engagement (though no details yet)

  • None
  • Players Versus Players
  • Players with Concord

I’ll keep this post updated as I am still asking questions of my source.