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Soldier of Ill-Fortune

I have slowly expanded my rare patrols to now include about five or six more systems.  But it seems that the awake pilots are all on the same time I am, and the moment I stick my nose into a plex I see either a.) the drive trails as they burn off into the sunset or its something bigger and badder than I can handle.  I’ve changed my Incursus configuration to something a bit more common and lighter, but it lacks a MWD.  Turns out this is a big deal in my time zone because apparently, everyone (but me) is wide awake and on their game when I log on.

In fact, I only got close to two ships.  One was a Merlin marked with Japanese lettering (the pilot probably thinks it says something like “Courageous” or “Valor”, but really says “Pigs for Sale” or “Low Expectations”.  I only managed to get close to him at one plex.. if you count close as being 30km away.  The other was an accidental run into on the gate.  However, he was with a fellow faction member.  Both promptly jumped into the system I had just jumped out of, and when I jumped back.. they were gone.. and no wrecks or cries of tears or whines about how I wasn’t there for them.  So, clearly someone was playing both sides of the fence.

This weekend, I also managed to nearly get onto a RIOT. Titan kill.  And what I mean by “nearly” is that once our trap was set, with friendly dictors ready to pounce, our friendly Titan pilot decided that he should make the jump, instead of the bridge.  He is lucky that he didn’t lose his Titan, but the best we got out of it was a single Gila kill.

Aside from that, I just played tag with the local pirates and “guard alts” of the frogs.  Still, with nothing to report, my diabolical plan to take over the Eve Online universe has been put on hold while I go have a nap and eat some pop tarts.  The good thing is that the Gallente have finally gotten Tier V, which means that now I don’t have to fight for the precious few Plex sites there are or that I have to travel ten plus jumps just to get to a mission.

Whoop!  Whoop!  Its the sound of the Space Police!

So, Crimewatch is getting upgraded in full and not piecemeal like it has been in the past.  So in an effort to FINALLY fix what had literally become a 40 page thesis on all the possible endings to any particular aggression, we now going to have a much easier way of figuring out who the guys in the black hats are.  The change here is really the results.  Because one of three (well, four) things can happen:

  1. Weapons Flag (Red, far right of the group – 1 Minute or 60 seconds) – Basically, if you shoot someone else or E-War someone else, you get the Weapons Flag.  You also get this weapons flag if you accidentally discharge a smartbomb or ECM Burst too.  Even if you don’t touch a soul, you get this flag.  If you get the “Weapons Flag” you cannot jump or dock up.  You also can’t switch ships, i.e. can’t switch ships out of carriers, supercarriers, Orcas, POSes… you get the drill.  Pretty much anything sets this off, including things like accidentally setting off your smartbomb, HURRAY!
  2. PVP Flag (Red, far left of the group – 15 Minutes) – Also, if you shoot someone else or E-War someone else you ALSO get this flag.  Simple.
  3. Suspect Flag (Yellow Center – 15 minutes) – Remember when you could neutral rep a friend or your PVP alt.  Yeah, well do that after CW2 gets installed and they get a pretty Suspect Flag added to them.  Which makes them free game.  You have a Suspect Flag.. EVERYONE can attack you.
  4. Criminal Flag (No idea.. figure its the Suspect Flag only more special) – Apparently this means that both Concord and players can go after you.  No word yet on if Concord is being made weaker.

Here’s the devblog on it.

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas (Unless you are an Eve Player thereby whatever rumors and hopes are shared by CCP get transmitted faster than a senator drops his/her pants).

This topic is wholly brought to you by Sugar Kyle at Lowsec Lifestyle.  The topics she discusses are:

If you didn’t hear it on Eve Radio, then head to Sugar Kyle’s blog.  And make sure to thank Sugar for not drinking so much during the pub crawl that we didn’t go into panic by something like, “Eve and Hello Kitty are JOINING FORCES to make ROBOT CHICKEN ONLINE.. WOOT!”  Yeah, that would have been bad.