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Alright, since I really don’t have anything Eve-y to talk about (there is a ton of stuff, but better bloggers than me are pretty well writing so much about it that any point I could talk about has already been covered).

So, let’s talk about World of Tanks!  My “during-the-work-week-game”!

Right now, I have just three tanks that I am working with:

Hummel Gotta Pummel!

The first, is my trusty Hummel:

I don’t mean to brag, but off all the tanks I have played the Hummel is, for my playstyle, the best.  I am GOOD at the Hummel now.  I’ve got the full 100% crew, all with two perks, and the Loader has Intuition.  Now, there was a little while back that I was having a string of bad luck.. in fact, it was enough of one that I wondered if they made some sneaky dev changes without telling anyone.  But, whether that was bad piloting or bad luck, it seems to have left and I am making my mark.  Last night, the pinnacle of my skillset, I threaded a shot right off the nose of a severely wounded Ally Ferdinand TD right into the backside of a JgPzvIV that was using the Ferdinand as cover.  The shot nailed the enemy TD in the back corner of his tank and killed him right there.  The Ferdinand only lost 6hp from the close shot.

JgPanther Strikes.. Sometimes?

My second Tank is the well-known JgPanther.

This baby was my No. 1 for a while, but now things are kinda so-so with this one.  I am still needing to train up the final vehicle on the experience tree, the JgPantII.  But, the reality is that my jive on this tank is starting to weaken.  I switched from my Tier Eight 10.5mm cannon back down to the 88L which has drastically improved my takehome pay while keeping my success rate about the same.  Still not exactly sure how a 88mm shell only costs $252, while the 10.5mm costs well over a thousand, but I digress.  I’ll be staying with this for a while yet, and I won’t likely upgrade this until I purchase the GWpanther first.

Tiger Too Weak?

My latest and greatest addition to my lineup is the PzKpfw VIB Tiger II tank

I thought, finally I have a brawler.  Yeah, I was wrong.  Probably the thing that has ticked me off the most so far, has been that I shot a Light Tier Six French tank on the UNDERSIDE with my 10.5 Tier Eight gun, AT CLOSE RANGE.. and all I got was the “Penetration!” call with no damage.  Shortly thereafter, even though I was at 25% health, another Tier Six Light got behind and one-shotted me.  Wasn’t real happy at all.  The only solace I have gotten is that I have become reasonably skilled with it in City environments.  I almost always die, but at least I can squeeze out some profit.  I still need to upgrade the Turret and get the Tier 9 Gun, so despite getting no good responses to any question about how good the Tiger II is, I have resolved to stick it out to the end.

I hope that isn’t a mistake.

I’m also seeing and hearing a lot of flak about the Russian tanks too, mainly about the apparent bias towards Russian tanks.  Not sure how true this is, but I have noticed the increase in my own and my son’s frustration (he primarily runs American tanks, I only run German) when up against Russian tanks.  I’ll have to break and spend some time messing with Russian tanks for a while just to see if I notice a difference.  Otherwise, as it is said in Eve, I’ll just HTFU and deal with it.

On the Eve Front

The Entire Eve Universe is holding its breath while every word and phrase that has been utter henceforth is disected for meaning and content.  December 4th.  I dare say quite a few people will continue to say that this really isn’t an expansion.  But considering that all Tier 1 frigates and cruisers will be changed, the introduction of four more destroyers and a mining frigate, the updated Crimewatch 2 and the new Bounty Hunting arrangment, coupled with graphic redesigns for some of the ships and a change to Faction Warfare operations.. as well as all sorts of chat and UI redesigns as well, I’d say there is enough that it might qualify.

There is also going to be some sad news here, but I haven’t gotten the okay to mention it, so we’ll just have to see how it plays out.