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Current the Caldari Militia has approximately 5,254 members as per today!  HUZZAH!!

Now let’s look at the Victory Point Total for the last seven days:


Wow.  So, we taking bets on which faction has the highest number of LP farmers?

Now, I understand that LP farming is an issue.. and a significant one at that, particular with the market fluctuations and relative ease that an LP farmer could make isk.  So I’m not real upset that it has been addressed.  I also liked the change in how the LP is picked up, with Tiers improving the amount of LP rather than a mad rush and carpal tunnel syndrome at the end of reaching Tier 5.  Still, there is something that bothers me about the new system:

  • Add new LP donation tax based on each faction’s warzone control. The higher your warzone control level the more of your donations are consumed by the tax. This is in place to provide diminishing returns and to compensate for the increased LP gain from the new tier system. When reaching Tier 5 the tax would be as high as 70%.
  • Increase the cost of upgrading systems and decrease the bleed-out when those systems are attacked. Currently 50% of the LP gained by offensive plexers is removed from the upgrade level of the system they plex in. We are reducing that to 10% and increasing the total LP pool for upgrading systems. This will result in systems taking twice as much LP to upgrade but also make degrading those upgrade levels take 10 times as long.
Old upgrade costs were:

Level1: 10,000 LPs

Level2: 25,000 LPs

Level3: 45,000 LPs

Level4: 70,000 LPs

Level5: 100,000 LPs

Buffer: 150,000 LPs

New upgrade costs are:

Level1: 40,000 LPs

Level2: 60,000 LPs

Level3: 90,000 LPs

Level4: 140,000 LPs

Level5: 200,000 LPs

Buffer: 300,000 LPs


The critical thing that was missing?  A detailed way to force non-contributing players to contribute.  You see, the above examples require those dedicated to a particular cause, say for example, the Caldari Nation, to put their own LP into raising the tier.  That part is good.  However, being a reasonably active FW pilot I know that a good 50 to 70% of the FW pilots on the Caldari side are there only to by siphon LP and will NEVER contribute either ships or LP to improving systems.  Their reasoning:  “Why should they?  Everyone else will contribute enough.  They always do.  Why spend my hardly earned LPs on system upgrades when they will do it for me and I can reap the benefits anyways?”

That logic, while common in various threads throughout all of Eve, is something that Faction Warfare in particular needs to address, especially since at the higher system Tiers a lot of LPs gets swallowed up by taxes.  At this point the current LP system still penaltizes the player that participates more, which is unfortunate.  True, these people (like me) will continue to donate LP to get the system tiers back up to 5, but we need to find ways of .. influencing.. less interactive players from just skating by.  This has to be a game mechanic because, for all intents and purposes, the number of participating players will always just be a trickle, no matter what, because there are just SO many options in Eve, of which Faction Warfare only deals with one or two.  Trying to convince current FW players who are only in it for the isk will be difficult because they know someone will step up anyway, so why should it be them?

Such a change could be minor, merely a check against their faction LP to see if a certain amount of LP has been paid into the Tier system.  If it hasn’t then they don’t get to buy from the LP Store.  Simple and effective.  Or it could be something else.  Just something so that the burden of keeping systems up doesn’t fall to just a few active players.